Shandong will build 20 demonstration ethnic villages for rural revitalization by 2022

2022-06-07 0 By

February 17, the provincial bureau of Ethnic and Religious ministers meeting was held in Jinan.Reporters learned from the meeting that this year is the “implementation year” of shandong ethnic and religious work, Shandong will cultivate 5 industrial brand clusters in the province’s ethnic towns and villages, while building 20 demonstration villages of rural revitalization.In terms of ethnic work, Shandong will focus on building a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation, creating a number of research and practice bases in the province;Support the concentrated development of advantageous industries in ethnic towns and villages and the establishment of demonstration ethnic villages for rural revitalization. Within this year, cultivate 5 industrial brand clusters in ethnic towns and villages and build 20 demonstration ethnic villages for rural revitalization.Continue to build the “red pomegranate” brand of urban ethnic work, continue to do a good job in the province’s ethnic unity and progress to create demonstration area demonstration units, ethnic unity and progress education base evaluation and naming, hemei family and demonstration post creation.In terms of religious work, Shandong will focus on deepening the practice of sinicization of religion in Shandong, and continue to build the Excellent Traditional Chinese culture education base of religious circles, the Red Culture education base, the History education base of Sinicization of religion, the platform for reconciliation and lecturing, cultural exchanges, and public welfare and charity.To strengthen the construction of “1+5+N” research system of sinicization of religion;We will support and guide religious circles to strengthen self-education, self-management, and self-restraint, improve their internal management systems, regulate clerical personnel’s behavior and religious activities, and comprehensively and strictly govern religions.In addition, Shandong will also build a “Shandong Ethnic and religious big data intelligent management platform” to improve the basic information database of ethnic and religious.We fully implemented the plan for popularizing the Law during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, established bases for publicizing and educating the public about the law, organized a provincial study month on policies and regulations concerning ethnic and religious affairs, moved the focus of the administration of ethnic and religious affairs downward, and carried out trials for comprehensive law enforcement in townships and subdistricts where religious law enforcement is more difficult.Source: Dazhong Daily