Women don’t be sensible, the more you mention “unreasonable requirements”, the more he will love you

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A relationship needs the cooperation of both parties to achieve a balance. If only one party pays, the balance will be out of balance, and the relationship between two people will be stuck in a bottleneck.Sometimes, you are always too sensible, no matter what men do to you, you can tolerate, and even do not care, you always think that doing so can make him love you more, but in fact, the more you do, he will only be more unscrupulous.You don’t care about anything, you don’t talk about anything, what else does he have to do for you?Maybe you will say, some things need his consciousness, what all want me to bring up, then what is the meaning?But the fact is not like this, sometimes, you have to be a little less sensible, even make some “unreasonable requirements”, let him understand that you are on his needs, rather than he does nothing, you can accept.In fact, women don’t too sensible, the more you mention “unreasonable requirements”, he will love you!01 let him send you a gift believe that a lot of women will encounter this situation, you look forward to the other party’s gift, but often always come to nothing, but you will not say it, had to be disappointed again and again.Sometimes, you need to remind him, so he will do this voluntarily. It’s not necessarily that he is unwilling to do it, but he thinks you don’t need it, so he thinks he can be lazy.And you directly show that you have such a need, want to be valued, want to receive his gift, I think he will not completely disregard your mood, over time, he will gradually consciously send you a gift.Don’t think it’s boring to talk about it. If it makes you uncomfortable, it’s better to tell him or her directly and that’s a way to deal with it than if he or she doesn’t know what your grievance is.Some men always come home late, and even on their days off they hang out with their friends, regardless of the feelings of those around them.There are times when you want him to be with you, at least for the two of you, to have a heart-to-heart talk, or to watch a movie, but you don’t get the chance.Slowly you also get used to it, will not make any requirements on him, can only live one day at a time, but have you ever thought that this situation is caused by you?If this is what you need, why not just ask him about it? You can flirt with him and ask him to spend some time with you, or you can plan an elaborate dinner and have some privacy for the two of you.If you don’t say anything, he will naturally feel that you don’t need it, and will also feel that you acquiesce in his going out. Therefore, it is better to directly ask him to accompany you more, he will feel your need, but will love you more, and will spare time to accompany you.Women should learn to show weakness, do not carry everything on their shoulders, this will only let the other party feel that you do not need him, and even he set his mind to do a hands-off shopkeeper, let you do everything.When he gets used to this pattern, he will not pay for you, let alone contribute to the relationship. Frankly speaking, all these are your habits.Wanted to make him love you more than you can the sensible, but let him feel your importance, let he cannot leave you, you pay a nanny to him, he will not cherish, be inferior to learn to show weakness, let him give you some favor, when he felt you needs, his heart will be very happy, feel oneself also can do something for you.Rather than spoil him, let him understand your importance, at the same time let him understand you need him, he is not willing to leave you.04 Feelings, women don’t be too sensible, the more sensible you are, will only push each other farther, you may feel wronged, but you have done everything, that he still need to do what?At the same time, he will feel unwanted and more distant from you. Only when he finds his own value will he be willing to love and cherish you more.Therefore, sometimes making unreasonable demands is not necessarily a bad thing. You will make him feel that you need him and he will give you what you need.If you don’t say anything, he’ll just think the current model is the best, and he won’t want to change it, and he won’t do anything for you.