Come to the lake of the prairie, watch migratory birds fly back, come to Hulun Buir to feel the beauty of the prairie

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Come to the lake of the prairie, see migratory birds fly back, come to Hulun Buir feel the beauty of the prairie!Grasslands of swans fly also don’t want to go back, the scenery never see do not greasy, it is a flower in full bloom, the room felt anchored, milk tea fragrant French prairie, prairie, like a drunken man France famous hulun buir prairie, green wave, expansive, the breeze blowing, the sheep — like a cloud, dotted with, grassland scenery very beautiful,The French grassland is like a dream grassland.Grassland is the most looking forward to the season of autumn, autumn in France is very beautiful, forest luxuriant colour, bright colors, like a thick ink paintings, France’s stunning in autumn, trees were dyed red, and yellow upright birches is very spectacular, France’s intoxicating autumn here calm reindeer as your new partner, into a dreamy fairy tale world,Here you can feel the strong fairy tale atmosphere and atmosphere.Of grassland and its rebirth in the autumn, autumn birch, sing-an larch at this time, the leaves turned into golden brown, blue sky reflects the river and lake, so I personally think is the most suitable for French prairie season, river wetland, seven CARDS erguna too curved, linjiang tuen erguna sunrise sunset, sunrise with fog transpiration, dreaming,Like a dream, like a dream, this scene seems to have left the present world, into a wonderful space.Here, like blue sea, the sky and white clouds breathing, you raise your hand to touch the white clouds, the night as the vast sky, looked up to see the sea here, such as cattle, sheep, horse gathered under the blue sky, like a TV film, can be accidentally into idyllic village, scattered in a tent on the Mongolian steppe, met a nomadic family,Singing and dancing with herdsmen in the evening makes people feel the passion of nomadic people.French bell has a long history and a profound culture, is the root of the Mongolian history and xianbei nation ancestral, now, the Mongolian, han, olunchun, Owen croat, daur, such as 42 national harmonious coexistence, supplement each other, extremely use up more national culture characteristic, the French and lies at the crossroads of Mongolia in The Three Kingdoms between China and Russia, more than 1733 km of beautiful scenery, the border of the countryWith exotic customs, rich and colorful history and culture, enjoy national characteristics.Can feel the local conditions and customs of the most strong, here can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, can also taste the food to eat, baked whole sheep are the highest etiquette of grassland people greet guests, roast the grasslands generally choose the lamb, sheep after dealing with the whole, on the shelf, ignition soon, flesh air began to overflow, rosin, the deep color, outside the coke in tender,Hand meat is a traditional food of Inner Mongolia. It is crisp and tender without salt and other seasonings. When cooked to maturity, it melts in your mouth when you bite it, leaving only a mysterious fragrance lingering on your lips and tongue for a long time.Do you love the prairie with such beautiful scenery?Welcome to hulun Buir grassland to feel the beauty of nature!