Guo Degang “Year five”, hit hanging calligraphy circle

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At the beginning of the New Year, Mr. Guo Degang does not seem very peaceful.First, it was revealed that two Chinese New Year crosstalk shows had been pulled down, and then it was revealed that he had an illegitimate daughter with an actress.Just yesterday, Guo Degang posted a picture on his microblog: The fifth day of the Lunar New Year, pinching the mouth of a small person.Some people say that in the face of public opinion, Guo Degang really can not hold back, so forced to write this post in the fifth day of the lunar New Year, refute rumors.But as far as I can see, the word Lao Guo has already been written and released on the fifth day of the lunar New Year.The fifth day of the year, very exquisite.Many places welcome the God of wealth on this day, but in Guo’s hometown of Tianjin, it is customary to eat dumplings on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.Dumplings this thing is very interesting, first, cut meat stuffing, talking about “cut small people”;Second, make dumplings skin, equivalent to “pinch the mouth”.So a lot of people saw Guo Degang’s “big year early 5 post”, say Guo Degang pinches villain mouth very originality, they do not know, this is not guo’s originality, be in tianjin at least, had pinched hundred years.Listen to the following song and you will have a deeper understanding of this custom.Guo’s post received immediate support from his fans, with some saying “the rumors have been dispelled” and others saying “Guo is still so humorous”.But you are a crosstalk actor, but like to use brush talk, calligraphy circle friends are a little reluctant.This is not, immediately there are professionals pointed out: eight words, wrong two!The first wrong word: the beginning, the left half, how can be written?The second wrong word: pinch, right side, below is soil, how can write king?Now that I think I made two mistakes in eight characters, I’m going to start attacking them, and I’m going to talk about how uneducated and horrible they are.So, are these two words wrong?If from the standard word point of view, it is wrong.For example, primary and middle school students in the paper written so, so mostly to judge wrong.However, if from the perspective of calligraphy, the two words are not only right, but also very right, just to the pseudo calligraphy circle people sweep illiteracy.In the beginning, can you write “Shibubian”?Calligraphy dictionary tells you, yes — this is sun Qiusheng statue.This is the Monument of Zhang Raptors.The calligraphy can be harsh, but it can also be forgiving.Multiple points, fewer points;More bars, less bars, that’s not a thing!What?Can earth be written as a king?Sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it does.Like pinch it.The ancients write pinched character is not much, we can use nirvana for reference.In general, the bottom right side is just dirt.This was written by Meng Zhao kou ┬»Instead, Wang xizhi wrote Wang — a line was added for no reason.Liu Gongquan more ruthless, leng to reduce a horizontal.So you said Guo degang made a typo?A glance at the wrong, a careful study, yes.Say I am wrong, give you a stick, let you increase some knowledge.This is called hit hanging, hit is hanging calligraphy circle.It is ok to say that Lao Guo’s writing is bad, but it is not ok to say that his writing is wrong.Fairly good yao?The suit?!