Inner Mongolia implemented six measures to improve the business environment for government procurement

2022-06-08 0 By

News from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Finance Department:In 2022, in order to accelerate the improvement of the region’s market, law-based and efficient business environment, further stimulate the vitality of market players, enhance the endogenous driving force of high-quality development, and enable all kinds of buyers and suppliers to benefit from the completed government procurement network of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (” One network “for government procurement),Inner Mongolia has implemented six measures to improve the business environment for government procurement.Continue to improve the level of procurement electronic transaction — to promote the iterative upgrade of the electronic transaction system of government procurement projects, add and improve the functions of procurement source search, mobile application, client bidding, remote demonstration, electronic contract, information subscription, and so on, to further improve transaction efficiency;Implementing cross-regional and cross-level entrustment of procurement by the purchaser to promote the competition between procurement institutions.Further optimize the functions of electronic stores — expand the range of items, optimize the way of trading, apply electronic counter-auction to standardize the process of putting commodities on the shelves, implement standardized management of commodity databases, and improve the price monitoring mechanism;Deeply apply the “theme hall” of procurement website to explore the construction of “industry hall”, establish and improve the dispute resolution and processing rules of electronic stores, realize the regular entry of suppliers, standardize the transaction process, and promote fair competition.Actively promote the application of e-guarantee — build a unified e-guarantee system for government procurement in the whole region, and realize online letter opening by suppliers with the basic requirement of compatible with all kinds of mainstream e-guarantee products;We will promote the issuance of tender guarantees, explore the implementation of performance guarantees, fully support the demand for letters in all business links of government procurement, ease the financial pressure on enterprises, and reduce the burden on them to participate in government procurement.Vigorously optimize contract financing services — relying on the contract financing subsystem of the construction of “one network” for government procurement, normalize the management of the entry of financial institutions, continuously promote the optimization of financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and further enrich and expand the online supply of contract financing financial products.Small and medium-sized enterprises in the region that have obtained government procurement contracts in accordance with the law can use government procurement contracts to apply for financing, and gradually solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.Continuously strengthen comprehensive regulatory capacity, relying on government procurement “a net” ten major subsystems, and seven basic library, establish a large data regulation, credit rating, information disclosure on the basis of comprehensive regulatory system, to promote the budget integration associated with cloud platform and effective government procurement, implementation of purchasing plan, trade execution, all payments online contract process electronic management,We will continue to improve government procurement oversight.Innovation and optimization of adjudication and relief channels — the construction of a unified government procurement complaint processing subsystem, the establishment of remote online administrative adjudication cross-examination hearing room, promote online acceptance of complaints, online completion of examination, cross-examination, adjudication, publicity and filing;We will innovate mediation mechanisms, standardize trial procedures, unify administrative adjudication standards, and provide suppliers with unified, efficient and convenient rights protection services.Source: Inner Mongolia Daily