Is grain in Ear the solar term marking the beginning of agriculture in Ant New Village

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Ant New Village marks the beginning of the agricultural year.A, Spring B, Grain in EarWhich solar term marks the beginning of the agricultural year?The answer to ant New Village.Which solar term marks the beginning of agriculture in a year?The beginning of spring is the beginning of spring and grain in Ear is the beginning of grain in Ear is the beginning of spring and grain in Ear is the beginning of spring.The beginning of Spring The beginning of Agriculture in Grain in Ear The beginning of agriculture in Grain in Ear has seen a marked rise in temperature and abundant rainfall.The third solar term of summer, marking the official beginning of midsummer.The middle and lower reaches of The Yangtze River in China will enter the rainy huangmei season.Usually at this time there are tornadoes, rain and strong winds.According to the characteristics of heavy rainfall and high humidity in the south during grain in Ear, we need to pay special attention to the maintenance of moisture into the body.As grain in Ear enters, the northern Huang-Huai Plain enters the rainy season, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River enter the plum rain season, and the southern China enters the most precipitation season of the year.Southwest China also enters rainy season around grain in Ear season, and hailstones on plateau are increasing.Grain in Ear is one of the busiest solar terms in most parts of China.Summer crops such as winter wheat are ripe for harvesting;Crops like cotton, planted in the spring, are at their peak and need a lot of water and fertilizer.Summer corn, summer soybeans and other crops also need to be sown.So “Grain in Ear” is also known as “busy planting lunar April, yurun grass thick, green deep, green thick.In the fifth lunar month, when leaves are like crowns, cicadas sing.”The mountain before rain has passed and the day has not slanted, qing cicada huihuixian huihuahua”, this is a poem by Xu Hun in the late Tang Dynasty, which is quiet and beautiful.The cicadas come with the hibiscus flowers, the almubiscus flowers, and the sweet-smelling honeysuckle flowers in the faint moonlight after nightfall.The beauty of cicada sound is quietness — “cicada huixian lengxian”, a well-known line of Han Yu’s.Building is a plug, cicadas sing on the closed door, moss everywhere, a scene of empty silence.”Static song idle room sick guest house, cicada sound full tree hibiscus sparse flowers”, this is zhang Ji’s famous sentence.Song room shadow deep, cicada sound such as song, independent hibiscus flower quiet such as rouge.Of course, it is not xu’s exclusive invention to combine the sound of cicadas with sophorae flowers. Bai Juyi has used it many times, for example, “Sophorae flowers cover the ground with cicadas”.And about the image of cicada sound, I also like Yuan Zhen’s “deep bamboo cicada day wind” and “mangrove cicada sound full sunset”.The former, the breeze through the bamboo and cicada light, more fleeting dynamic.The latter, the sunset is full of continuous cicada sound, beautify the “chaos cicada hissing gradually dusk”, become so magnificent, and Li Shangyin’s “ten thousand trees singing cicada rainbow across the shore” have the same idea.In addition, also yearn for their own “蜩螗 night noise wind branch stability, jade idle sleep deep”.The beginning of spring and Grain in Ear solar term, the hot weather is just a lot of crops like the climate, this time can plant some fruits and vegetables, so grain in Ear can be planted what?Compared with other vegetables, leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals.Due to the short growth period, fast growth rate, flexible harvest period, different kinds and different varieties of sowing and cultivation in batches, can achieve annual production and annual supply, by small farmers love.After entering June, it is the grain in Ear season, farmers have also entered the busiest time, in addition to harvesting wheat but also sowing new crops, there is our common seasonal vegetables, general summer seasonal vegetables are in this month began to grow.At this time can plant a lot of vegetables, leaf vegetables mainly include: coriander, spinach, bitter wheat vegetables, amaranth, oilseed vegetables, sweet potato leaves, water spinach, watercress, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, etc., these vegetables are very popular with consumers, and the profit margin is very large.In addition to leaf vegetables, you can also grow other kinds of vegetables, such as peppers, cucumbers, winter melons, pumpkins, watermelons, rapeseed melons, tomatoes, eggplant, kale, beans, loofah, radish, etc. These vegetables are warm crops.During grain in Ear planting period, we should clear ditches and drain water in time. In case of continuous rain, we should try every means to remove water in the field and minimize the drowning time of vegetables.If the vegetable fields are flooded and vegetables are damaged, the affected vegetables with market value should be actively harvested and listed to reduce losses.And to quickly batch grab sowing cabbage and other fast – growing leaf vegetables.The beginning of agriculture: Spring in EarThe above is the title of ant New village, marking the “beginning of a year of agriculture” solar term is?Answer analysis, I hope you want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to gray memory 1991# Ant manor latest answer #