Lin Yunru challenges Ma Long, Sun Yingsha meets the famous Japanese ping, Chen Mengliang jing Kun wang Yidi to fight!

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WTT Singapore Grand Slam tournament continues, according to the schedule, today will be the singles quarterfinals, men’s singles and women’s singles semifinals.Let’s take a look at the specific matchup.Time period 114:00 Wang Yidi vs Yuan Jiannan 14:40 Qiu Dang vs Yuya Uta 15:20 Liang Jingkun vs Carlson 16:00 Ishikawa Kajun vs Chen Meng Wang Yidi and Yuan Jiannan the match was first started, these two players are eliminated the Ping Japan player to advance, among them Wang Yidi eliminated Hirano Miyu,And Yuan Jiannan is the surprise done ITO Meicheng.Yuan jiannan is now a veteran, pellet tennis, she is in France, specializing in mixed doubles.For Wang Yidi, or need to pay attention to opponents, especially for the preparation of particles.Yutian yukiya, is now the only seedlings of the Ping Men’s team, Zhang Ben, Mori Garden have been out of the game a few days ago Yutian knocked out the pole, the strength is very thick.Qiu Dang, the straight player of The German team, also has a certain strength, but against Yuda, I still feel not dominant, come on!Liang jingkun and Karlsson, the two world champions, are one of the highlights of the session, although Karlsson’s main strength is the men’s doubles, but his ability in singles is also worth taking note of!Chen Dream and ishikawa between the game, in fact, two people’s strength gap is relatively large.Chen Meng’s veneer strength is much higher than Ishikawa, Ishikawa is relatively thin, the advantage is faster.So, this game for Ishikawa, the key is to be able to move Chen Dream open, very difficult.19:40 Lin Yunru vs Ma Long 20:20 Fan Zhandong vs Francesca 21:00 Wang Manyu vs Polkanova This time live 4 matches, Wang Manyu and Polkanova’s match, should not be too much suspense.Polkanova’s backhand is more characteristic, so Wang manyu will definitely attack more opponent’s forehand, from the forehand to break through.Francesca knocked out Xu Xin last night in a match that sparked a lot of discussion and renewed scrutiny for the German, who was very good in the middle and far, but a bit off the pace.This game, from the style of the two people, not the middle and far stage of the tough, is who is harder!Ma Long eliminated Wang Chuqin, Lin Yunru eliminated Dako.Ma Said in an interview after the game did not expect to beat Wang Chuqin, Lin Yunru said he met Ma Completely had no chance, belongs to the downwind ball.Two full Versailles, I can’t believe that at this stage we are not thinking about the championship.Both of them are modest people with a big universe in their hearts and a lot of strength!Sun Yingsha and Hayata Hina, from the strength of Hayata is a little weak, but the characteristics of this player is dare to play, no matter what the score is, no matter how much lost in front, she thinks it is an opportunity, there is little hesitation.Two people a left hand and a right hand, are inclined to close to solve the problem, so who can take the lead to open this big oblique line, can obtain initiative.Above, is today’s schedule, welcome to leave a message to discuss, welcome to pay attention to!