Russian military: a sabotage and reconnaissance team has been prevented from crossing into Russia from destroying two Ukrainian armored vehicles that crossed the border

2022-06-08 0 By

Russia’s southern military district on Thursday announced that at around 6 am Moscow time on Thursday, border guards of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) spotted a sabotage and reconnaissance team crossing the border from Ukraine near the village of Michiakinskaya in the Rostov Region.In order to arrest the gang, the Russian border forces requested reinforcements from troops of the Russian southern military region.During the fighting, two infantry fighting vehicles of the Ukrainian armed forces crossed the border from the Ukrainian direction into Russian territory in an attempt to withdraw the sabotage team.A Russian unit rushed to the scene and destroyed the two IFVs with anti-tank fire.Eventually five members of the sabotage team who had infiltrated Russia were killed.There were no casualties among the Russian military and FSB border guards.(CCTV reporter Wang Bin) Source: CCTV news client