Satirizing the men’s football team swept the screen overnight, this absurd cartoonist should have been popular!|

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This is amazing.On the evening of February 6, China won the AfC Women’s Football Cup, the whole network was afeared.However, the satirical stick figure cartoon was widely circulated on Weibo and wechat moments.Some netizens named it “Xiatou Men’s Foot”, “Head a ball to use”…There was a flurry of interpretation, but many people didn’t know that this was the work of Chinese cartoonist Tango.I still remember that on the first day of the New Year, China men’s national football Team lost to Vietnam in the 8th round of the Preliminary Round of the 12th Round of the Asian Zone, bidding farewell to the Qatar World Cup completely.And on the third night of the New Year, the women’s Asian Cup semifinal win over Japan sent the Internet into high spirits.Tango created the satirical cartoon at 3 a.m. on Monday.After winning the Women’s Asian Cup on Saturday night, the picture went viral.Based on the toilet sign, it takes only two simple adjustments to form a satirical artistic expression more than a thousand words.Among Chinese cartoonists, Tango is the only one who can do so.Can his imagination hold the whole world?Tango is who?Even if you don’t know the artist, you must have seen his imaginative cartoons on various social networks.Black and white lines, simple outline, a few strokes, with the most simple and common materials for absurd creation, full of black humor.Every New Year’s Eve, there are many netizens guarding his picture, every time he can use special imagination to welcome the New Year.Numbers can be replaced by various objects such as human body, trash can, wheelchair, roll paper, etc. to personify the expression and subtly convey the mood of the year.For example, 2020 is the year of pain in a wheelchair, and the end of 2021 is also the year of “winding up”.The emotion, it’s all in the little details.Tango is more than just numbers. As a cartoonist who has been popular on Weibo for more than ten years, any small objects in daily life can show different imagination in his works.Playing cards are not playing cards, but the girl’s clothes, shorts, parasol, is the official woman’s headwear, is a sumo wrestler’s tempura, is full of imagination of the small theater.In Tango’s mind, the shadow, which is easily ignored by people, is the best image to unfold. With the shadow as the main perspective, the small animals have infinite imagination.The eye of the cat in the house is not the eye of the cat, but the asshole of the cat, the one eye of big Brother.The boss’s mouth is not his mouth, but the designer’s pissing pit after being bullied.The ring is a handcuff that locks the ring finger that can’t drink.Why does the bubble milk tea straw like to roll up?I can’t look at it anymore.There are countless ways to parody Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower.He also keeps up with what’s hot and draws inspiration from what’s happening in the world every day.For example, when the talk show conference was popular, xu Zhisheng and He Guangzhi’s hairstyle was drawn by him as the logo of a well-known brand with great charm. You can tell people without looking at their facial features.It’s crazy, but I have to admit, it’s big enough to fit the whole world.In Tango’s cartoons, readers can guess the beginning correctly but not the end correctly. After reading tango’s cartoons, they sometimes burst out laughing or need to turn their heads to smile.Between physical discomfort and deep thought.How popular is his style?The comic book “Can’t Sleep,” a collection of “one Picture a day,” has a score of 8.8 on Douban.Late night readers who were cured by hiding under the covers gave high praise to Tango: “Imagination is the most valuable thing,” “Tango is good at humor and wit,” and “sleep happily after reading books every night.””Can I get six stars?Tango brings me a completely different imagination world. “He once said that what he makes are some” meaningless “jokes, but this nonsense is also a kind of” shallow cure “– it can’t solve the fundamental problems in people’s lives, but at least it can make you laugh happily in some small points.Tango has a lot of labels. Tango is a science major, advertising man and cartoonist from Shanghai Jiaotong University.He studied painting since childhood and graduated from the mathematics department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a bachelor’s degree. However, as a “science student”, he loved free art more. Therefore, after graduating from the bachelor’s degree, he switched to art design with a master’s degree and was admitted to the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts (now Tsinghua Academy of Art) to study industrial design.Tuyuan network mathematics department, attaches importance to the characteristics of logical reasoning is also reflected in the drawing, the unexpected ending of the cartoon, is also deduced by logical reasoning.You need a fan to turn Lagerfeld into Beethoven.Einstein, too, would turn into a “scientific lion” over a glass of wine.”Lion of science” JC animation hall hide Mo Yan and Uncle Bird, only a pair of sunglasses gap.Elvis Presley was really born with a cat on his head.Zebra, is the white horse with ink to turn hula hoop changed appearance.Playing weiqi is a cat’s way of entertainment after grinding its PAWS.”Untitled” JC animation hall hide rabbit bath, became a sheep.The formation of the biscuit may make you uncomfortable.Bruce Lee’s nunchucks are actually selfie sticks.Why did the cat break the coffee cup? Because there was a cat in it.From the beginning to the end, in just a few seconds, you can imagine infinite imagination space in the middle, which is the wonderful spiritual experience brought by stick figure comics.Therefore, in tango’s comment section, there are many readers who find it fun to interpret the hidden meaning of the cartoon, and the process of viewing the work is also a rare thinking process.Many of them can even be used as comic-book material.”Birds of a feather flock together.” But it’s not accurate to say that logical reasoning, this process of deduction, is not making mathematical formulas, but reasoning about the details of life.The extraordinary insight constitutes the soul of his works, which also depends on his accumulation as an “advertising man”.After graduating from tsinghua academy graduate, tango did not immediately become a cartoonist, but go to the advertising company, became a bubble in the creative pool of “Shanghai advertising people”, when racking their brains to complete customer’s brief, he went to work, go off work, ran to the street graffiti, and regardless of customer demand, free release of inspiration.As an advertising man, he is best known for his Teacher’s Day creation “You Can’t Understand this Sentence Without a Teacher”.From AD man to cartoonist, he always insisted that the simplest way to show the most content, good story and insight, is the foundation of any creation.Loneliness, for example, is a common theme in Tango.The Power of Loneliness believes in the power of loneliness and hopes to alleviate the loneliness of some young people.Being alone late at night makes people artists. They can imagine romantic love stories when they look in the mirror.The sight of the city everywhere, the clothes people wear, the billboards on the street, the toilets at home…All things can be endowed with happiness, joy, sorrow and joy, which sustenance of human emotion and philosophy.With absurd black humor, dispelling the grand narrative, no matter how ordinary life itself, can also be interesting.In 2010, when weibo was just starting to take off, Tango posted a self-portrait of himself scrawled on the wall of his company. In the same year, he accepted a friend’s bet and posted his first picture of “How an elephant picks his booger” on Weibo.Since then, he set the flag of “one drawing a day” and “one drawing every moment”. Almost every night at midnight, he would update a stick figure cartoon on his Microblog to comfort city people who could not sleep. Since then, he has lived the life of “advertising man by day and cartoonist by night”.This persistence, by 2022, has attracted more than 130 million followers on Weibo.”Life is a mine. You can always dig up something.”Tango said.Life itself is an endless treasure, those hidden in the city and people’s visual still life, have their own ideas.The moon is the nail clippers cut, scissors also have a superhero heart.The imperial maid’s flag head is the emperor’s telephone number, the bodyguard’s fan will also be used to cover the emperor’s shame: the peacock opens its tail only because it is holding an umbrella, the toilet broom will fancy itself as an elegant band: give a birthday ceremony to the toilet dryer:”Happy Birthday” JC animation collection creativity is a kind of physical and mental pleasure, but also in this insidevolume fickle world, can let people instantly settle down a small lucky.A good idea is a light weight.In Tango’s philosophical universe, a flash of sharp or warm imagination can hit the reader in an instant.We actually live in a prying world.Follow you all your life, only your shadow.Keep flying dreams, may also continue to follow the rope around your neck.The epidemic came, the human alone over a wave of the virus.”There is no meaning in the world, but to be alive is to make a lot of meaning,” Tango said.Continuous thinking and exploration, from the dull life to see the scenery that others can not see, spiritual wealth is the greatest wealth of mankind.After all, life is so short that you have to do something interesting.