The 45-year-old woman was not comfortable, the hospital could not find the problem, the doctor said: may be this problem

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Old come to see me at a acquaintance recently, in a whole body uncomfortable, just couldn’t wait to meet said his symptoms, said his stomach bilge, stomach pain, for a while for a while and dizziness, fatigue, anyway as long as it is in the regions that can think, uncomfortable, she said at the beginning I thought it was her body out of the question,Then at the request of the she gave her a whole body check, but it makes me a little surprised, check the result of her, have no obvious abnormalities, the indicators related to the imaging studies also found no organic change, it can be said that she is no problem in medical examination, but why she said she was sick?A word from the then director of the point woke up, I advised her to look to the psychiatrist, so this acquaintance with its inspection data to psychological clinic to see it again, the results are really found the problem, the original her anxiety index had more than a normal person, when accepts the doctor gave her diagnosis of somatoform disorders, consider the results after long-term anxiety somatization symptoms.Hospital check is not a problem, but the body is uncomfortable, the problem must be ruled out in the above the acquaintances in a whole body uncomfortable, but did not find out problems in hospital, it is not exactly find out the problem of body organs, finally in the psychological clinic diagnosis end somatoform disorder, this kind of problem is also very common in clinical,Somatic form disorder caused by emotional problems. So what is somatic form disorder?Generally speaking, the body of patients with physical form disorder often have a lot of symptoms, but to the hospital but can not find the problem, investigate the reason is actually the direction of the inspection of the problem, this kind of patients are not lesions on the body organs, but psychological problems;According to the national fifth edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders diagnostic criteria, described somatoform disorders as existence prominent discomfort and pain of the body symptoms, but these symptoms commonly and physical changes of the body and there is no clear relationship, in other words, the general examination found that is not what is the problem, but because of the existence of physical symptoms subjectively continued,Even if the follow-up examination is normal, patients often choose not to believe the examination, and will frequently change hospitals and doctors for repeated visits. However, because there is no clear reason, patients often appear very anxious, which further drives patients to seek medical treatment repeatedly.But these symptoms with the organ of the body change and there is no clear relationship, because of the existence of symptoms in the subjective, the patients often do not believe that the hospital inspection, frequent replacement of hospital and doctor visits repeatedly, but also because of always can not find a physical problem, patients often appear very anxious, it is not only the waste of medical resources, also let patients treatment dilemma,So for somatoform disorder, it’s very important to get it right.What are the causes of somatoform disorders?For somatoform disorders research indicates that depressive mood about its etiology and the patients, at the same time accompanied by unreasonable cognition, is simply patients appeared on the emotional problems, somatoform disorders is classified as a mental illness, general average outpatient service is unable to carry on the effective diagnosis and treatment, appear this kind of problem,Need to go to a special psychological clinic, in addition to research shows that the body form disorder is also closely related to the patient’s personality traits, such as in life with sensitive, suspicious, thinking and thinking of the crowd, the probability of the occurrence of body form disorder is higher than other personality of the crowd.The treatment of somatoform disorder for the treatment of somatoform disorder, is mainly the use of drug treatment, for example, if the physical symptoms caused by anxiety, can take some anti-anxiety drugs;If the physical symptoms are associated with depression, antidepressants can be taken orally.Because it is a psychological problem, the effect will be better if it can be combined with psychotherapy. Currently, the commonly used psychotherapy in China includes cognitive behavioral therapy, Morita therapy, psychoanalysis, vipassana, etc.The man who was not feeling well in the above article went to see the psychological department according to our suggestion. After a series of psychological examinations, he was found to have physical form disorder.Because her anxiety index was high, she thought it was the physical symptoms caused by emotional anxiety, so she was prescribed some anti-anxiety drugs, and taught her some methods to regulate her emotions, and slowly her physical symptoms were relieved.Actually somatoform disorders, also is we often met in clinical work of the heart due to disease, especially a lot of women over the age of 40, if often telling your body uncomfortable, but general inspection and did not find problems, there probably is caused by psychological reasons, so the correct discrimination is very important, if we can timely and accurate diagnosis of somatoform disorders,Patients can avoid excessive medical treatment and examination, of course, because it is psychogenic disease, its diagnosis and treatment also need professional psychological doctors to participate.