The blessing of the lighthouse

2022-06-08 0 By

~ # # tiger moved New Year celebration, poetry lighthouse wishes to live, how many how many letters are there in the night dawn the coming of the night is too dark can’t see light see in front of the wind howling torrential rain torrential turmoil all flap thousand sails waves flowers swaying in the blowing of horns kept back ten steps forward allows to chase after the anxiety of gold and sand excepting shimmering beacon tower the helmsman’s heart so each bladeIs dance steps so all the wind and rain with symphony rhythm very dark night will cast light on until dawn from a little emerged again after braving the calm which have useless experience just walked straight days will be bright you will also see smelling the fragrance of flowers is just a simple moment darkness is the norm for light is the meaning of the light and then are calm to diffuseDiffuse hold a heart is a good time always short let his enthusiasm to light heart all the year round with flowers in four seasons will be given in response to each others even split to mark even the moment is eternal life a beam of light up for himself a beacon light to the direction of the lit a beacon light for others for himself on the light in the winter warm onePut a light on that city