Wine into the gloom of a partridge sing, the horizon see a few

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Chinese art wine into a melancholy fu partridge Yin, the horizon very near dimly see the old man.Where do you swim in the world, friends drunk, the world of mortals dream provoked tears flow.A dream and spring, frequent feel close, wine romantic drunk apricot village.People easy drunk, tears empty down, the horizon so close soul pull hope to return early.You come to the south mountain and I come to the north, the spring breeze carries wine on the high platform, tonight the tianya news in the dream sorrow.To the end of the world, at a loss where home, a cup of wine difficult to eliminate the bottom of my heart hate, with the king drunk sangma.Buy fish for jokes, jun family seed hong to harvest, old west Lake ten hectares of farmland.Ask you where to find fang trace, luluang night thick, I do not know the body in the dream is a guest, wake up from no.Long difficult to become, dream vaguely three patrol people not drunk, think you see tears.Swift horse, tianya tianxin two vacant, bosom friend difficult into drunk, you in his hometown I am fairy.Wine is poetic light, you drunk what I mean strong, a don’t after years of news yao, a few back to the dream to find fang trace.Ask you when to the end of the world, wine is my home, I do not know the dream tears such as ma.The news for a long time sink, the dream vaguely touched lips heart has drunk, think you do not feel tears wet wipes.Dream soul pull, tearful, three cups of wine, and you drunk apricot flower days.People do not know, three fu partridge poem, the end of the world and no news, the dream meet hate has been late.A hedge between keeps friendship green, companion wine when tea, when the world of mankind a dream to my home.Vacant dream tears touch jin, wine bosom friend ruthless I since Yin.Dimly remember old year, two vacant, tonight there is wine think you dare not sleep.Don’t hesitate a thousand days drunk, ask you can have when to return, the end of the world is vaguely and not.Send you to, carry wine to come, do not know the dream news for a long time wandering.Total guan qing, zha sound, after the qingming festival.Long not open, water far fee suspect guess, silent moist things in the spring breeze, a dream to urge people night rain.At the beginning of the shade of ink, think twice five want to become a poem, suddenly smell out of the window peach blossom laugh at me crazy.Battle-cry, dream have emerged, think before serving the country tears.Dream dimly to hometown, laughter full tingfang, shanhua brilliant think tears two lines.The rain did not stop, shanhua brilliant stars, cry broken spring return, dream vaguely call my name.Look at the mountains and lakes, think twice about the five empty assembly, warbler sing broken spring back, peach blossom a few degrees red in the dream.Dream jiangnan Yan Willow wind, shanhua brilliant think twice.Think twice about the moonlight, mountain water far leaves with the wind, have a dream of flying with rain.Lake light into the eye bright, two want to always close the feeling, suddenly smell the beach yao Pool dream line.Sad fallen leaves, guest dream sigh piaopeng, think before you don’t understand denglinyi, mountain lake light into the hope.Dream vaguely to the small building, intermittent when Hugh, mountain wind puzzled think before nodding.Invite the bright moon, a qushan singing wind, silent world wide, thousands of years with a dream ancient and modern.Mountain high road far step shambles, a day think before five cold, still hear the common shadow alone.Cuckoo sound blowing dream of the horizon, think five think qingfeng is my home.Butterfly dream, partridge sound, home mountain wanli think twice.Five think of the end of the world, mountain heavy home, Du Yu sound in the dream fall peach blossom.Rivers and mountains sad sunset, think before the country bleak river’s lake far, dream around the soul led native people.In the sound of another autumn, when will the dream of the village rest, think twice before home mountain moon like hook.Several times in the dream to the South of the Yangtze River, drizzle silent embellish bi Tan, mountain lake light are into the painting, think twice five thoughts of the meaning of still sound.Food, mountains and lakes as I describe, warbler song shengshi, poetic dream enchanting.Mountain lake light a look, think twice about five upper floor, warbler sing broken cloud month, liuying shake open dream boat.A thousand cups of wine in a prejudice. life is easy to old, spring breeze intentionally silent tears wet.Tears mottled hard to level ten thousand kinds of sorrow, mo Acacia can wait for pain hoary.Acacia only oneself, tears still in easy old feeling without regret, drink thousands of cups drunk to today.Intentional cup easy, silent writing late, a paper tears asked the return date.The autumn wind does not understand the pain, easy to provoke acacia dream, sleepless at night with endless hate.Wet skirt, difficult to find, do not say the world is the most painful jun deep.Autumn wind difficult solution acacia bitter, swirling tears, easy old face hate to dusk.People are easy to old, home broken pain still deep, tears drip into blood, difficult to write a heart sky.Love has hate gratuitous dream easy surprise, the most is acacia drip to dawn.Tears are very cold, acacia difficult to sleep, dream vaguely lost old appearance.Have hate poetry difficult to do, without cause cause tears, do not love a pain Jun en.Easy only, do not let go, the dream tears difficult to send mid-month.The sky is dark and the clouds are painful, the Yellow River is easy to water and cold, and the disaster is imminent.Not yet dry, night rain dream difficult, life easy old spring often in, drink thousands of cups do not feel cold.Cloud light wild goose difficult to see tears buried in the bottom of my heart, time wasted pain broken dream.Don’t say life is easy to old body, why not drink a pot of spring, tears still in my heart, drunk in difficult to distinguish false and true.A song heart still pain, easy water three thousand difficult pay after death, tears drip.Recall at that time, the past smoke difficult to hold, wasted people easy old, acacia pain who knows.Rarely confused know cold and warm, can’t bear to look back tears dry, life is easy to old feelings still in, drink a thousand cups also do huan.Sorrow comes to feel the feeling is not easy, pain to know love has been deep, pillow tears difficult to send dreamboat.Came the sound of loss, jiangshan easy to change how many difficult flat things, into tears and rain.Heart has been cold, lonely pillow sleepless night decayed, easy to old feeling unchanged, drink thousands of cups for confidante.Breathtaking, relatives wipe tears, perishable time with the water, empty leave hate to now.Life is easy to sigh vicissitudes of life, thousands of cups drunk dreams, tears are hard to break is sad.Drink three cups easy old, daughter can’t buy tears empty poem.Day high feeling has sent, month lang dream, a cavity blood wave pen.If the chess game is not even, a few people have cloudy and sunny heart, do not feel that time in the dream.Who is Ming, the road is not flat, last night the dream of wind and rain always close feelings.Meet huan, go to smoke, ping Ming is a little cold brow.Not self-pity, still remember the old face, a cavity heart infinite hate, all pay the day after tomorrow.Shaky road uneven, how much heart is not clear, dream still remember hard to find the old day.The past often gushed from the bottom of my heart, always to the end of the pen flat, a few degrees of dream is still nianqian.Last night I heard the rain in my dream. I woke up remembering my old love and saw the selfless as I could.Eternal love, miluo River bank dream line, the bottom of my heart thousands of hate, do not understand human hatred and peace.River on the autumn wind blowing waves flat, who knows the bottom of my heart there are sad, the dream still remember things, sleepless night wanli.The bottom of my heart selfless magnate natural flat, dream often recall still think of the homeland.Cold and warm enough plan, selfless world wide, magnanimous mind natural flat.Where does not ascend, selfless heaven and earth qing, last night dream is still hometown.Thousands of may, difficult to smooth ten thousand kinds of sorrow, dream I do not know the body is a guest, love to the depths of tears flow first.All the way scenery don’t sentient beings, a few degrees of ta song line, the bottom of my heart selfless magnanimous sea.Move nine clouds, thousands of heart gushing spring tide, still remember that year, love to deep tears have thrown.Heart selfless gas from China, flat room is home, dream often recall thick tears like hemp.But the total soul in the dream poem led, pingming see qinghui especially round.Feeling, miluo River, millennium qu Difficult flat is the national war.Hero no quping, the bottom of my heart from the thunder, the dream of li SAO remember the ancient feelings.Selfless heaven and earth Ming, mind often remember the young things, wake up still think of the homeland.Dimly in the dream, ruthless years too hasty, Pingming up to see han Mei secretly sweet.The world cold like ice, dream of wind and rain always without, to the bottom of my heart thousands of things, in exchange for a lamp.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art