$90,000 in emergency aid for being unconscious for 20 days after the accident

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Zibo, March 25 – March 24, Yiyuan traffic police brigade successfully for the injured tang mou application to 91,000 rescue fund, effectively solved the tang mou treatment cost urgent need.February 26 at 12 o ‘clock xu, Tang driving two motorcycles, in the yellow Sea line yiyuan County Lu village Cao Jiazhuang village section and shi driving heavy semi collision, resulting in vehicle damage, Tang was seriously injured in the traffic accident.After the accident, Tang mou was sent to the hospital for rescue treatment, the hospital was initially diagnosed as severe brain injury, brain hernia, lung contusion, multiple body fractures.Because the family situation of the injured is very difficult, Yiyuan traffic police immediately started the rescue fund application procedures, treatment hospital also opened the “green channel”, the implementation of the first rescue after the payment of the injured.At this time, during the epidemic, Yiyuan relief service station was on a special occasion. All application materials were transmitted through wechat, and the relatives of the injured were instructed to go through the rescue procedures through wechat video four times.In the case that the relatives of the injured did not go on any errand, it only took three days to complete the online verification procedures, and the Zibo Relief Fund Management Office finally transferred the 91,000 rescue funds to the account designated by the treatment hospital.At present, the injured Tang mou has been out of life danger into the general ward to accept rehabilitation treatment.Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong media Center reporter Ren Lingzhi correspondent Feng Changbing Liu Weimin