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At the premiere of “Don’t Forget I Love You” in Beijing on Feb 12, actors Liu Yihao and Naza Shared their views on the theme of love.”Don’t Forget I Love You” directed by Hwang Zhenzhen tells the story of a couple. The boy often “loses his memory” due to illness, and the girl overcomes many difficulties to bravely chase after love and protect her.In Liu Yihao’s view, two people love very hard, if empathy, I really hope that such a “tragedy” does not happen.In the movie, Lu Yao’s sister convinces Xing Yue (Naza) that love is just a pastime in many people’s lives.”You may not believe that love will last forever, but you should always believe in love,” this “love golden sentence” also aroused a lot of resonance in the scene.It is reported that this is naza and Lau yihao’s second time as a couple, the film has many sweet kissing scenes.Naza revealed that most of the scenes were improvised and not in the script. “The director had a lot of trust in us, and she would give us a sketch and let us improvise.There was no awkwardness in the kissing scene because everyone was on the same page.”The classic suspense film Death on the Nile will hit the big screen again on Feb 19.The new adaptation features a lavish all-star cast, wonder Woman Gal Gadot as a glamorous heiress;Kenneth Branagh directs and plays Detective Poirot, and Annette Bening joins in.”Death on the Nile” is adapted from one of the most outstanding works of detective novel master Agatha, deeply loved by several generations of fans around the world, including the 1978 British version was introduced into China, is a good memory of several generations of fans.The director Kenneth Branagh assembled the top team, through a new film technology, to create a classic reasoning.The suspense criminal investigation network drama “Bone Language 2” will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video from February 21. It is produced by Penguin Film, produced by Yao Point of view, directed by Hu Yaozhi, starring Zhang Lingxin, Gao Ren, CAI Yida, Li Hanlin, Jiang Anjing and Zhao Yi.The play will continue the story line of the first season, continue to tell the story of forensic xia Ying as the point of association of the serious case team through a series of cases of doubt analysis, clues and anatomical analysis, restore the truth of the case, to fight against evil, guard the light of the story.The fast-paced case process and the immersive reasoning plot not only let the audience know how the forensic and public security personnel cooperate and discover the truth, but also show their important mission of punishing evil and promoting good and maintaining justice.In addition, the story will focus on the female workplace, parent-child relationship, teenage growth, marriage and other hot topics, in reasoning logic, case detection of the “cool feeling”, more attention to the social reality.’Gel’, a social App designed to look like a close friend, has become a new favorite among young people.Just over 20 days after its launch, gel’s downloads skyrocketed at an incredible rate and it reached the top of the AppStore on February 11, becoming the first social app to surpass wechat in the rankings since 2019.Before Gel came on the market, there were virtual social products such as SOUL, ZEPETO and ZAO.However, social applications with the characteristics of “acquaintance social interaction + virtual 3D image” are relatively rare in China’s Internet field.Unlike other social products, Gel focuses on “recreating the most intimate online space”.Recently, it has been reported that Zhihu is quietly laying off staff, mainly in video-related departments, by almost half.In response, Zhihu said that video is an indispensable part of zhihu’s content ecology.In 2021, we promoted the media upgrade of Zhihu through video response, co-creation and multi-scene video content recommendation.In 2022, we will continue to make efforts and improvements in the field of video.Please send your contributions to