Free during Spring Festival

2022-06-09 0 By

Lunar New Year holiday, xining temporary parking area more than 20000 public free during the Spring Festival is coming, for the convenience of citizens the parking during the Spring Festival travel, create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, recently, the reporter learns from xining city public temporary parking lot management office, in January 2022, February 6, 31 solstice (December 29 to people),All 478 public temporary parking lots and 23,253 public temporary parking berths under the management of Xining Municipal government are free of charge, giving citizens a growing sense of access.It is reported that in order to solve the problem of difficult parking in Xining, xining began to standardize public temporary parking lots around roads in 2016. With the consent of Xining Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the first 147 temporary public parking lots in Xining will be open to citizens free of charge during the Spring Festival.Today, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival 7 statutory holidays, the government management of the public temporary parking lot all implementation of free parking has become the “welfare” and the normal demand.During the Spring Festival holiday this year, in order to further expand the implementation scope of this preferential and convenient measure, Xining city added a number of temporary public parking berths on the basis of the original temporary public parking lots. Therefore, during the Spring Festival holiday from January 31 to February 6,Free parking is available in 478 public temporary parking lots and 23,253 public temporary parking berths managed by xining Municipal government.Relevant departments remind the general public friends in accordance with the parking lot management requirements, orderly parking vehicles, as far as possible to avoid a long time to occupy the parking space, so that more citizens enjoy preferential policies.At the same time, if you find the behavior of not implementing the free parking regulations, you can report complaints to xining Temporary public parking lot management office, the report hotline is 12328.Source: Xining Evening News