Fuyuan Power Supply Bureau: no matter how heavy the snow is, it can’t stop me from patrolling the line

2022-06-09 0 By

February 22, Fuyuan County heavy snow, Dahe Town of all roads also began to ice.Continuous low temperature rain and snow weather is a great test to the safety of power grid. In order to understand the ice cover situation of power lines in real time and ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid in low temperature and severe weather, Fuyuan Power Supply Bureau Dahe Power Supply Office organized the line ice observation special tour.Especially 10 thousand volt en le line several key inspection sites, are vehicles can not drive, party members commandos in front of the charge, braving the snow to walk to each inspection point, to ensure that hidden dangers can be emergency treatment, to prevent the line covered with ice lead to power failure.The 10-kilovolt Enle line is the longest line within the jurisdiction of Dahe Power Supply Station, connecting qinglong, Dahe, Enle, Landan and Paigong five village committees with more than 110 stations, and providing one-third of the power supply for dahe Town.The highest elevation on the 10 kV En Le line is paigongkou, where the ice coagulation is the most serious every winter, and now the snow is heavy, the ice cover situation on the line is even more worrying.At this time on the mountain road is covered with thick snow, the whole mountain silver wrapped, snow deepest place has not calves, especially difficult, for the commandos a line of people up the mountain to bring great difficulties, they carry tools one foot deep one foot shallow side to explore the side, step by step to ensure that each line each equipment can patrol in place.After five commandos nearly five hours over the mountains, all lines patrol has been fast dark.”Because this snow day line patrol time than usual doubled, but the more cold day, we can not relax, must not let the villagers without electricity, the line is the best!”On the way back to the end of the tour, Xiao Jin said happily.The end of the patrol, the work of the commandos has not been completed, they will also rush to the village committee of the Small dragon Street for fault repair, where there are villagers waiting for them…It is understood that in order to guarantee the safe and stable operation of power grid under bad weather, fuyuan power supply bureau in recent years, low temperature, snow and rain, the equipment failure during freezing weather situation extrapolate, required the power substation intensify equipment hidden perils and regulation, mainly in the area under its jurisdiction is easy to ice line using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) fine fly with patrol personnel to carry out all the “three-dimensional inspection”,Visit the users in the high load station area, increase the popularization of electricity consumption publicity and power saving knowledge, ensure the equipment maintenance and communication and early warning in place, ensure the safety of people, power grid and equipment, and spare no effort to ensure the safe operation of Fuyuan power grid.(Zhang Yang ruonan Qu Xiaoyong)