Fuzhou municipal road and bridge projects do not stop work during holidays

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Firecrackers, New Year’s greetings and laughter constitute the “main melody” of the Year of the Tiger.Pile machine sound, pouring sound, trumpet sound, is the “main melody” of the “notes”.On The second day of the Chinese New Year, the construction site of key municipal road and bridge projects in Fuzhou was still busy. The builders stuck to the front line and helped quality fuzhou and smooth Fuzhou with vigorous energy. One new bridge and one underpass “wrote” a different New Year’s message.Baima River Yangqiao Road bridge renovation: Pile foundation construction is in full operation key sections, key projects, time is pressing……As the core project to optimize the navigation condition of baima River, the reconstruction of Yangqiao Road bridge of Baima River affects the hearts of many citizens.In order to complete the construction of the pile foundation under the new bridge and widen the river before the flood season this year, more than 20 construction and management personnel spent a project year at the site.”Since the start of construction in December last year, the bridge’s supporting pile foundation has been basically completed. The cutting of protective cylinder and the construction of engineering pile foundation are the main targets of our holiday.”Guo Cong, head of the project at the city’s urban and rural construction Bureau, told reporters that only by laying a good foundation can parts be installed in order to make the new bridge “stand” steadily.On the one hand, it is to clean up the bridge substructure;On the other hand, Guo cong has organized construction units such as China Construction Fifth Engineering Group co., Ltd. to start the “rehearsal” of the construction of the cap, the deepening of the steel structure drawings of the bridge and the excavation of the pedestrian passage.”As an emergency rescue project, although the Spring Festival holiday is only seven days, we have to think and do things ahead of time.”Guo Cong said, just past New Year’s Eve, we had a noisy reunion together, hot dumplings, home-flavor meals, also let the left-behind people feel a strong taste of the New Year.”If the project is completed one day earlier, the impact on road traffic can be reduced one day earlier. Our hard work is worth it!”According to the plan, the project will strive to be fully completed before this year’s National Day, when the 22-meter-wide river will fully ensure the safety of flood flow during the flood season, but also let citizens travel more smoothly and comfortable.The underground tunnel project of Xuefu South Road, east of Union College of Fujian Normal University, will not be stopped during Spring Festival.Reporter Ye Yibin: The motor vehicle underpass project of Xuefu South Road of Normal University: the main body of construction will be completed by the end of this month.As one of the important projects to improve the quality of Fuzhou University city, the construction staff of fujian Normal University Union College, east of the south Road vehicle tunnel project, set up scaffolding, binding side wall reinforcement, are playing a special “New Year’s call”.”Everyone is so motivated!”City urban and rural areas to build municipal development company always belong to the project director Yang chenglin, told reporters that last year, the project of youth team won the city “(120 days ShuangZheng youth action” typical, with the momentum, they wear for tunnel construction of body structure by “storm”, strive to improve the transportation conditions of the university as soon as possible.It is understood that the total length of the underground tunnel is 522 meters, and the box-shaped passage part accounts for 170 meters, which is the key difficulty of the project.”In the deepest part of the box channel, excavation to 14 meters deep underground, coupled with the surrounding complex geological situation, high groundwater level, the construction will meet many ‘hard bones’.”Yang chenglin said.Through the “one is divided into seven” construction, at present, four sections have been successfully completed. During the Spring Festival, the remaining three sections of the newly completed floor structure have become the focus of the project.”Each section has to complete the construction of three parts, namely bottom plate, side wall and roof seal, in sequence.”Yang chenglin said that by the end of this month to complete the main structure of the tunnel under the target inverted, the last three sections of the side wall and roof sealing construction daily non-stop.The reporter learned that the project does not stop the mobilization in front, so that the reinforcement workers, template workers and other front-line workers at ease to stay, do enough personnel security.At the same time, but also early docking and mixing station, to ensure the supply of commodity concrete during the holiday, with personnel, material enough to ensure that nature is overwhelming.”The holiday does not stop work, can give us almost grab a month of construction period, for the first half of this year to open to traffic solid foundation!”Yang chenglin said.(Sun Man, Journalist)