IG champion line-up line New Year’s day, WISH Sue xiaoluo live a long time, A water: fell out

2022-06-09 0 By

Preface:In the blink of an eye 2018 has passed 4 years, IG has won in Incheon has been fast 4 years, recently IG line set New Year’s day, a tear eye, IG champion lineup in addition to water and Duke, others have all gathered together, the small yu should be saved bureau of people, at the same time small yu is worthy of the details, put on jk clothes,The details are rounded to include JackeyLove, but they were very thoughtful to leave Shui next to Baolan, which is really sweet.The offline gathering, Sue, a former manager of a IG small falls came also, don’t know why he appearance brings a lot of topics, but on second think this is a private party, private party also called Sue small fall, IG former players and Sue small fall is “a good relationship should be to the water and the offline party Rookie video calls, a look at this way,O water go is not necessarily Sue small down of the pot, after all, there is no real hammer, if it is, I believe they will not go so close.When connected to the water video of the moment, Rookie subconscious front camera aimed at the Su Xiaoluo, what is this meaning?Su small fall at the moment smile way: see me see what, you don’t see me.Then a water on the players to change the name, such as before always called shy brother now called Jiang Elder brother, before called ning king now called Ning brother, but see Sue small fall, A water obviously time don’t know what to say, just said:….Fall…No.Ah Shui this sentence fell to a burst of laughter.If this lineup plus Shui and Duke, this is a perfect group building activity, see IG champion lineup together to make dumplings, eat, the relationship is still so good, this is also IG champion lineup after-sales service.I wish their relationship could stay this way.”Rookie Theshy can be happy in WBG.”Rookie Theshy’s blessing for WBG has come true. Theshy has changed his style in WBG and is more focused on the team. I hope he can be more involved in WBG.Ning wishes for Su Xiaoluo that he will not grow white hair in the New Year. Wish Theshy and Rookie a good performance and Baolan good health.”Live longer. When I first met you, I was so thin. Now I am so fat.”Rookie Baolan and Ning’s blessing is to live well.I hope that such after-sales service can be more, and I also hope that all the former IG players can shine and make further progress in life, live broadcast and competition results.