List of banned Vehicles on Henan Expressway (Published at 12:45 on December 17)

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As of February 17, 2022 12:45. 1, because of the fog, banned seven (7) above the bus Station Road: call north high speed: “Yang zhu — – spi station 2, because of the snow, banning all vehicles on the road: two wide high speed: jiyuan north station Xu Guang high-speed: water — – east biyang JiaoTong high-speed: gongyi station – Bai Ping station zheng Luan high speed:Houzhai stand – xinzheng west railway station, wood Zagreb ridge station – dragon valley bay station luo luo high-speed: island stand – his stand on the luo river luan fast: broad economic high-speed: xiaolangdi north station after high-speed treasure: shaoyuan station – jiyuan south station zheng high-speed less: southwest salt law – China lane stand high speed: jun – xuanhua called stop business on high speed: the ancient city of county government station – garden expo garden station of Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed: – xinzheng airport stop Ann ROM high speed:Guandu station – Zheng Yun high-speed airport station: wu station Zheng Min highway: Zheng An LuanXi – yao home stand high speed: ssangyong, laojun cave stand, LaoJieLing station 3, because of the snow, ban nine above (contain nine) bus Station Road: the shanghai-shaanxi expressway: tongbai – west guangzhou east station, Tang He MAO ping station deng: high-speed across the two wide high speed: south – constitutive Lin called stop he high speed:Shop mahjong layout — – double station Xu Guang high-speed: tongbai zhu chuang station – tongbai station call north high speed: – temple bay village root stop outfall high-speed: Peng Qiao station ShangNa high-speed: dushan rizhao-heze treasure – miniature schnauzer shop stand high speed: jiyuan east station 4, because of the snow, to ban dangerous goods vehicles on roads are: even huo high-speed: righteousness horse – and spirit stand, please go ahead, in the province of other normal highway traffic.If you encounter an emergency on the Henan expressway, please call the Henan High-speed traffic police at 0371-68208110 or the high-speed service number 12328 for help.(LY Source: Henan Expressway Public Security Bureau)