Mengziling Township, Kuancheng city, Hebei Province: Party construction leads the improvement of rural culture and human settlement environment

2022-06-09 0 By

Hebei news network news (reporter li-yuan wang) to build ecological livable beautiful countryside, improve village CunMao, comprehensively implement the party leading the local custom civilization and rural special action of revitalization of the general requirements, manchu autonomous county of chengde city KuanCheng Meng Ziling township adhere to the scientific deployment, continuous power on rural human settlements environment renovation, by deepening the party leads,To meet the standards and requirements for the establishment of civilized urban areas in the country, fully mobilize the broad masses of cadres and the masses, refine the division of responsibilities, and continuously promote the improvement of the living environment of the township to improve the quality and efficiency.Mengziling township to deepen the leadership of party building, forming a new pattern of party-mass linkage.Give full play to the role of all Party branches as battle fortresses, take the improvement of the living environment as an important part of the innovation of Party building, and build an organic model of “Party building +”.The majority of party members strove to be the pacesetter of environmental remediation, and the masses actively responded and participated, further enhancing the effectiveness of the work and achieving the desired results.”Party building + continuous progress”, highlighting the township to carry out consolidation.Party members and officials gave full play to their exemplary role in cleaning up garbage and straw at various points along highways and rivers in rural areas.We mobilized the masses to clean and renovate the environment in front of the house and around the house. At the same time, combined with voluntary activities of civilized practice in the new era, we mobilized young volunteers and enthusiastic masses to clean up the streets, ditches and weeds, and mobilized more than 300 cadres and masses in total.”Party building + Publicity launch” to create a new normal of civilization and public health.Villages make full use of WeChat group of party branch, visit a variety of forms such as loudspeakers broadcast, cadres and actively encourage the populace civilized behavior, starts from oneself, not heap of the place, not random dump, together do it in front of the house without weeds, without waste, forming good ethos of everyone speak hygiene, build a beautiful and clean living environment.Through the living environment, a clampdown Meng Ziling township health not only improve the rural environment, further play the role of party branch fighting forts and party members and cadres of the cutting edge exemplary role, and lead the masses to enhance environmental protection consciousness, actively involved in the environmental remediation, together create clean, beautiful and comfortable living environment, to build “happiness harmony,Beautiful Meng Xiang “contribute their own strength!