Neighboring province here new 1 case!Some places are closed!

2022-06-09 0 By

On February 8, a new local confirmed case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Huludao city, Liaoning Province. The case arrived at Jinzhou Center for COVID-19 Treatment at 16:00 on the same day. At present, his condition is stable with normal blood routine, negative serum antibodies, fatigue and no other symptoms.Give antiviral, oxygen inhalation, traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation treatment and other symptomatic treatment.As of 14 o ‘clock on February 9, a total of 574 close contacts of the cases had been examined in Huludao City.Among them, 193 are close contacts, 145 have completed nucleic acid testing, and the test results are all negative, and the remaining results are pending.Of the 381 secondary close contacts, 209 have completed nucleic acid testing, and all the test results are negative. The remaining results are pending.After expert analysis and evaluation, 30 epidemic sites were finally determined, and all of them have been thoroughly disinfected, covering an area of 14,300 square meters.Recently, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Lianshan District, Huludao City and Longgang District, Huludao City respectively issued a notice:From now on, religious venues, song and dance halls, Internet cafes, mahjong parlors, chess and card rooms, massage shops, pedicure shops, beauty and health clubs, billiards rooms, sports and fitness venues, children’s playgrounds, secret rooms to escape, play killing and other closed places,Off-campus training institutions and places selling health care products, health care equipment and health care experience services to the elderly in the form of teaching and training will be suspended.Shopping malls and supermarkets have suspended offline promotions and exhibitions.Hotels, hotels, catering service agencies to suspend reception of various banquets, chamber of commerce fellowship and other gatherings, dinner, advocating slow wedding, simple funeral.Government agencies, enterprises and institutions have suspended the organization of large-scale meetings and group travel activities.Scenic spot, libraries, museums, restaurants, cinemas and theatres, bathhouses, hairdressing, etc in the strict implementation of normalized epidemic prevention and control measures on the basis of current limiting, receive customer number shall not exceed 50% of the maximum bearing capacity, with high risk areas in fujian association of foreign languages and the (return) to lianshan personnel shall check the nucleic acid testing negative proof within 24 hours.Supervisory departments of various industries should strengthen supervision over all kinds of gathering activities, and seriously deal with illegal activities in accordance with laws and regulations.Source: CCTV news client part of the material from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us, thank you editor: Liang Shuang