Tianjin: Huawei set up regional headquarters in Tianjin Hebei District!What good will it bring to Tianjin?

2022-06-09 0 By

Recently, it was announced that Huawei would set up its regional headquarters in Tianjin, specifically in Hebei District of Tianjin, with a preliminary planned floor area of more than 60,000, accommodating more than 30,000 employees. This is undoubtedly an exciting news in the context of the decline of urban residential construction in Tianjin.Huawei set up regional headquarters in Tianjin Hebei District!Huawei set up branches in many places, not only confined to the domestic and foreign also has a lot of branches, these institutions is two, one is a research and development is the market demand, of course, the two effects can also be used on a branch, such as foreign branches and two basically, and domestic branches relatively more, function relatively single,Songshan Lake in Dongguan is the largest, with a floor area of more than 6 million square meters, followed by Shenzhen and Shanghai, which are mainly engaged in RESEARCH and development. Huawei also has 9 research institutes, which are mainly engaged in research and development, which belong to different research directions.This time, huawei in tianjin to set up headquarters, headquarters have really nice but some exaggeration, can be said to be a branch, but in the city of tianjin, considering the urban land limited is understandable, so if huawei’s future development in tianjin is fine is likely to continue to expand, that is the right investment logic,In tianjin in recent years has been to most of the resources to the binhai new area, traditional industry directly on the development and tanggu area, like electronics high-tech mainly on binhai hi-tech zone, so if huawei can develop with the help of tianjin headquarters fine will set up factories in coastal or scientific research institution, so the current scale of tianjin actually cannot fully explain what,It cannot compare with Dongguan, dongguan is close to Shenzhen, it is the migration of Shenzhen completely.According to related reports, huawei and the cooperation of the follow-up will invest a lot of money in tianjin, scale in about 60 billion, 60 billion for scientific research units is a big money, because it can’t and our traditional industry, such as an oil refinery a fully-automated factory we have billions of very normal, because they belong to the investment in fixed assets,And huawei, the r&d input is invisible, only can see the results of research and development success, so there is very big, so much money, of course, could not vote in at once, can’t, so it must be a phased, will certainly look at prophase investment effect, it also suggests that hebei district headquarters is just a previous project, the follow-up effect good can continue to invest in tianjin,So the amount of money is going to keep going up.What good will it bring to Tianjin?Huawei this investment has a lot of good, undoubtedly is the most direct brings a lot of jobs and tianjin are lack of this kind of enterprise investment, huawei training it is very difficult, and in this way, not only for tianjin for cities such as Beijing and Shanghai is also very difficult, but can get huawei investment also is very good, can promote the development of related industries,Tianjin position is very embarrassed, Beijing is too close to the, basically such as huawei company may set up branches or even headquarters in Beijing, because the distance is too close, most companies don’t set up branches in tianjin, so missed a lot of opportunities in tianjin, it also does not have method, tianjin is also very helpless, to be fair in tianjin than in chengdu, wuhan, xi ‘an, the city a lot,But they have easy access to that kind of investment, tianjin has a hard time, because of location.Indirect positive is the development of this industry, it can go to training more from upstream and downstream enterprises, so as to create more jobs, and the cycle can bring more revenue to tianjin, thanks to the development of these industries will also make the competitiveness of tianjin city itself, at the same time, these companies pay level is high, can consolidate tianjin housing prices,And attract more talents, after long-term attraction will improve the quality of the whole city.Actually, tianjin has a good scientific research and development of soil, such as tianjin itself is a industrial city, has a relatively complete industrial chain, and the talent is also a lot of tianjin, many people went to Beijing tianjin, they also want to come back, because Beijing is a cold city, house prices are too high, overcrowding, business environment and atmosphere life actually is not as good as tianjin,Moreover, many policies of Tianjin are relatively good in China, and it is a port city and so on.In general, Huawei must have done enough homework in Tianjin, since the choice of Tianjin shows that Huawei recognized Tianjin, but also hope that Tianjin can seize this opportunity, share a share of the action, to create more value for the country.