Where do couples go wrong?”No lifting” is this thing at work

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More than 40 years old fat light mature male, dietary habits deviation, love fried chicken, salt crisp chicken and other high oil, high calorie food, lack of exercise, plus stay up late, life is not normal, after a few years of marriage, the child was born, sexual function recession, and the other half almost became asexual husband and wife.After one or two years of patience, the wife could not bear it and asked to be accompanied to the clinic for medical treatment.The fat man had a blood test and was found to have high levels of blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar and male hormones, with blood sugar being the most severe and in the early stages of diabetes.Originally only erectile dysfunction therapy, have never thought unexpectedly finds himself will become the diabetes patients, the fat man is nervous, in doctors’ instructions, fall blood sugar pills, with exercise and eating right, quit food high in salt and sugar high quantity of heat, such as, ticked up erectile function, two months later, the weight is light a lot of, outstanding performance in bed,I don’t have to put up with my wife’s harsh words anymore.According to Gao Weitang, an attending physician in the urology department of Shuanghe Hospital, erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors, including age.Clinical observation, more than 50 years old mature men, about 40% in the bed do not work well, sexual function more or less obstacles, can not last, or suddenly soft, quite a ruin.As to 60 years old above, the prevalence rate is higher, reach about 50, nevertheless, actual go to a doctor ratio is on the low side however, most impotence patient is shy about avoid medical treatment, would rather spend money to buy folk remedy privately, also do not accept normal treatment.Compared with the middle-aged and elderly, the treatment behavior of young men in their 30s and 40s is generous. Many people directly said “I can’t do it” as soon as they entered the clinic and sat on the chair.Dr. Gao Weitang analyzed that young men, in addition to being more health conscious, may also be forced by their partners to suffer from abandonment. In the past, they could have a wedding three or four times a week, but now it becomes a “monthly wedding”, and the quality deteriorates.Why does the prevalence of erectile Dysfunction increase with age?Gao Weitang explained that this is related to vascular sclerosis, about 70 percent of erectile dysfunction patients have problems with blood vessels, because of this, erectile dysfunction is not just a sexual problem, but more likely a precursor of cardiovascular disease.Picture has nothing to do with the actual site figure source: Pexels Gao Weitang physicians noted that men with erectile dysfunction problems, the risk of cardiovascular disease is three to four times higher than the average person, the key lies in, chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes all belong to lead to hardening of the penis and cardiovascular risk factors.Relative to the diameter of the heart artery, the penis artery blood vessels are smaller, the so-called “autumn leaves”, the penis is easier than the heart or earlier arteriosclerosis, the main symptom is lack of erectile hardness, desire to vibrate weakness.”Poor erectile function is a big warning sign of bad health!”According to Dr. Gao Weitang, the support of the partner is the driving force behind the failure of treatment. If the husband is advised to seek medical treatment on the premise of cardiovascular problems, the argument will be more accepted if the male dignity of the other half is preserved.Partner support, correct treatment back further stated that “sex” is very simple Gao Weitang physicians in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the process, the other half plays a very important role, if you find a partner in bed, should politely stated “performance is bad, may be associated with cardiovascular disease, hardening of the arteries, leading to a half soft not hard”.Dr. Gao Weitang reminds men that if their conscious function is not as good as before, they should take the initiative to seek medical treatment to find out the cause and take appropriate medicine.In addition, they should eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, and maintain a good daily routine. It is better to quit smoking and stay up late less. 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