Why do some people flee from crowds: They have a world of their own

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In life there are some people who always likes to stay in one place, they have little social also rarely go out, in addition to the necessary life of these people are in their own life, outside a lot of things can become part of their lives, they become the main melody of life, this life is actually quite good.Too many people think that extroversion is better than introversion. In fact, there is no good or bad between extroversion and introversion. The reason why extroversion is liked by many people is simply that extroversion’s thinking can be easily expressed through language and other forms, while introversion is the opposite.So over time, the loneliness of being introvert is taken for granted, and gradually introvert is not liked by most people.As for those who talk of being alone but party often, there is too much emptiness and too much desire in the heart.Because they spend a lot of time alone, people who really like loneliness do not have much pressure on their mind and have less social desire in their heart, so their inner desire will become larger. Therefore, loneliness is the beginning of many people’s learning, which does not only refer to textbook knowledge, but all the unknown and interesting knowledge.When lonely people have their own thoughts, he naturally feel is not a lonely, whereon he deeply realized what it was like, such a person to enter the society, you always feel that he and some of the group on temperament does not fit, and only those who he thought level in a degree, people can communicate with each other,However, they do not have to be a hobby, and the hierarchy of thoughts allows them to have their own thoughts about the other side’s point of view without affecting their own recognition of others.This state can be regarded as a realm, many people in reality like such a realm, and it is in this direction to work hard, who does not like to have their own time, who do not want to have their own life theory for the social dots, such a life is the realm of confusion said by Confucius.It is normal to caused a lot of people are “really low on agreeableness and the crowd for he is a kind of torture, is actually a big part of the reason why this is no one like him in the crowd, if nature does not escape alone, with the same person but pulled the man fled together, things in this often encountered in the party, some people just because drinking singing to leave alone,Some left to discuss poetry.Why some people run away from a crowd: It’s because lonely people have a world of their own.No matter what because leave no good or bad, the attention of everybody is different to make the manifold blessings that lie in society, when left alone has its own enrichment, groups of people have their own friends, this is our life a lot of people desire, we are not simply want to escape from the crowd, but to those things we don’t recognize escape from the crowd.