136 square meters of elegant apartment that people love at first sight

2022-06-10 0 By

Today enjoy a 136 square meters of home family model, the whole model square, the ratio of the opening and depth is quite reasonable, the appearance level of the facade is very high, the internal space is also very practical, let us feel in detail.After entering a door, it is a porch, can do top garment cap is worn, perhaps regard art area as a vase very reasonable also, reflected the grace of host savour.To the south is a separate room with ideal lighting and privacy, which can be used as guest room, yoga room and gym.To the north of the entrance is the open-window toilet in the public area, which is very convenient for household disinfection and hand washing in the post-epidemic era.If have a guest to visit, also can find this toilet very easily, can call humanization design.The middle sitting room, dining room forms the north and south transparent, south surrounded by the balcony can meet all kinds of interests in life, the north side kitchen dining room horizontal arrangement, the atmosphere of repast cooking is very elegant, the home atmosphere is happy and harmonious.The rest area is configured with three bedrooms, with the north and south lying opposite, and the internal space is very orderly.The master bedroom is a super bedroom concept, with a walk-in cloakroom and a bathroom with a bright window that separates wet and dry.The sleeping area is equipped with large bay Windows, and the internal space can also set up an independent leisure area or dressing table, which can be called the ultimate elegant light luxury experience.What do you think of this apartment model?