A sudden!A fire broke out early in the morning at a barge on the Yangtze River wharf

2022-06-10 0 By

At 0:20 on January 27, the command center of jingzhou fire rescue detachment received a report that a ship was on fire at Yangtze River Ferry terminal, Bu He town, Gongan County, Jingzhou city. The detachment quickly mobilized 5 fire engines and 30 firefighters to deal with it.When the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, the burning ship has been surrounded by fire, at the same time, the local public security maritime department rescue personnel also arrived at the scene.According to preliminary information, two barges were on fire, one of which caught fire first and then the other boat behind it.Fire and rescue personnel immediately laid water gun positions, using 5 water guns, separate in the bow and stern to control the fire outside, at the same time, with 2 floating boat pumps, 1 hand lift mobile pump in the Yangtze River water to extinguish the fire.After the outer fire was fully contained and the temperature of the ship was lowered, the fire and rescue crews began to attack the ship.The fire was put out after a three-hour battle.Yan Xiaoyong, the boat’s owner, said he bought the two barges for more than 50,000 yuan after they were abandoned and planned to sell them for scrap to earn the difference.That night, his father, who was on duty on the small barge, turned on all the lights because he needed a festive atmosphere during the Southern Spring Festival.But the circuit was old and disrepair, and suddenly a short circuit caught fire, and the debris on the ship was instantly ignited. The old father had to abandon the ship to escape and call the police for help.At present, the specific situation of the fire is still under further investigation, fire personnel also reminded everyone that the Spring Festival is coming soon, we must pay attention to safety with fire and electricity.(Correspondent Shi Qingpeng Meng)