If the performance and characteristics of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows are judged

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Broken bridge insulation aluminum alloy doors and Windows with its high strength, good heat insulation, fire resistance, large lighting area, strong corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life, good decorative effect and other outstanding advantages, more and more favored by the market.High-grade aluminum alloy doors and Windows with broken bridge partition profiles have gradually become the preferred products for high-grade building Windows.First, what is the heat insulation broken bridge aluminum aluminum doors and Windows generally contain two main bodies: heat insulation broken bridge aluminum and insulating glass.Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum is also called broken bridge aluminum, heat insulation aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum alloy.The two sides are made of aluminum, and the middle is made of plastic profile cavity.This innovative structural design takes into account the advantages of both plastic and aluminum alloy materials, while meeting the various requirements of decorative effect, strength and aging resistance of doors and Windows.The principle of heat insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy is in the middle of the aluminum into the heat insulation strip, the aluminum profile is disconnected to form a broken bridge, effectively prevent the conduction of heat, equipped with insulating glass, hardware, invisible screen window, glass glue, foam, sealing strip, etc., so processed into the door window, called heat insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and Windows.2, the advantages of thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum 1. Thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum insulation is good.Using heat insulation profile inside and outside frame soft combination, frame adopts three seal form, airtight performance, excellent heat preservation performance;The window sash adopts hollow glass structure, so that the window really shows sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, excellent function, saves a lot of heating and refrigeration costs, energy saving effect is remarkable.2. Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum waterproof function.Using the principle of pressure balance, the design of structural drainage system, slide design ramp type, drainage mouth, drainage smooth, good water tightness.3. Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum to prevent condensation, frost.Broken bridge aluminum profile can achieve three sealing structure of doors and Windows, reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, successful balance of gas and water pressure, to achieve the effect of clean and bright Windows.4. Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum fire function.Aluminum alloy is a metal material and will not burn.5 heat insulation broken bridge aluminum high strength invariable, maintenance-free.Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows resist thermal deformation ability, strong and durable.Broken bridge aluminum profiles are not easy to be eroded by acid and alkali, not easy to yellow fade, almost no maintenance.6 heat insulation broken bridge aluminum a variety of colors, very decorative.It can realize different colors of the interior and exterior surfaces of doors and Windows to meet the customer’s preference for color and meet the personalized design requirements of architects.Aluminum profile with streamlined design, style.Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and Windows are the most advanced aluminum alloy doors and Windows, it is the fifth generation of new thermal insulation energy-saving doors and Windows after wood Windows, iron Windows, plastic steel doors and Windows and ordinary color aluminum alloy doors and Windows.Its surface can be painted in a variety of colors.The wall thickness of broken surface of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and Windows strictly follows the national standard.Because wall thickness is thin the firm safety problem that concerns assembling technology and composition door window, consequently wall thickness requirement must be in 1.4mm above.Four, how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the insulation broken bridge aluminum profile wall thickness: national standard stipulates that the thickness of the profile should be greater than or equal to 1.4mm.Heat insulation strip: heat insulation strip is the most critical part of broken bridge aluminum profile, national standards must use PA66 nylon.Try to use the original factory original products, do not use secondary spraying wear products.