Jingjiang Inclined Bridge: Party members winter training to help spring ploughing, serving agriculture, rural areas and promoting revitalization

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“The weather is warming, the temperature is rising, it is the jointing period of wheat, we should seize the day weeding, ditching soil……”On the morning of February 25, the “winter training class” was moved to the general service hall for farmers in Xiqiao town, Jingjiang City. Agricultural technicians explained to farmers on the spot the scientific management measures of wheat field, guiding them to scientific management, positioning and prevention, and making efforts to ensure high summer grain yield and increase income.Agricultural technicians speak carefully, farmers listen attentively, remember seriously.The activity site has both “farming flavor” and “fun”.After the teaching of agricultural technology knowledge, Zhang Heng, the “famous mouth of the people” in Xiqiao town, made a speech on the theme of “Welcome the new Journey of twenty Great Struggles” for everyone. From the personal side of people around, he vividly told the touching story of the three generations of xiqiao old, middle-aged and young people based on their own posts, hard work, courage and perseverance, which aroused strong resonance.In recent days, the town of inclined bridge organization of agricultural technical personnel in-depth grass-roots line, the party members winter training classroom “moved” to the field, the launch of “party members winter training into the countryside” “winter training to help spring farming” activities.Agricultural technicians visited farmers to understand their needs, carried out “point-and-order” training, provided one-to-one door-to-door technical guidance, explained fruit tree pruning, crop cultivation, ecological breeding technology to farmers on the spot, and helped farmers solve “troubles”, which was well received by the public.Since the launch of winter training work, Xieqiao town to “Port City rational” winter training brand as the lead, grasp the main body of “learning”, build a good carrier of “training”, practice the internal skills of “speaking”, the formation of their own characteristics of “one village one product” winter training brand, so that the Party’s innovative theory really in the grassroots ground root, blossom and bear fruit.Next, the town will continue to carry out “winter training into the countryside” and other series of agricultural technology service activities, further promote the winter training of party members and the combination of production practice, so that party cadres receive education, the people benefit, so that party members winter training both targeted and effective.Correspondent Zhu Jing xia late Ni Jingqing statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com