Never give up

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“Rain rainbow, sonorous roses, heart like water, passion like fire, dream.”The song “Rain, Rain, Rainbow, Sonorous Roses” is the most touching portrayal of The Chinese women’s football team winning the Asian Cup again after 16 years.They are unyielding in the face of backwardness;In the face of victory, they dare to fight;They are fearless in the face of difficulties;In the face of ideals, they pursue dedication.We want to pay tribute to the spirit of “sonorous rose”, but also to learn from them, this spirit into our work.We must have the tenacity to live up to The Times, the people, the country and our ideals.Be indomitable and fearless in the face of difficulties.”Sonorous roses” grow in heaven and earth, not in a greenhouse, brave to face the wind, frost, rain, snow and hardships.The girls of the women’s football team have encountered many adversity and challenges along the way, even the final is 0:2 down on the edge of the cliff.But the spirit of “sonorous rose” is not to give up, do not give up, the courage to face up to problems and solve difficulties.It is precisely because of courage and tenacity that the Chinese women’s football team can catch up and win against the tide.In a new era, on a new journey, facing new challenges and tests, we need to learn this fearless spirit and precious courage to move forward to new horizons.After 16 years of sharpening the sword, The Chinese women’s football team has written a touching story of “Bao Jianfeng comes from honed, plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold”.If we learn from women’s football and the “sonorous Rose” spirit, we cannot forget our original aspiration and lose our true colors.Only by sticking to our passions and pursuing our goals, can we turn responsibility into the best “nourishment”, nourish ourselves, grow into talents, and contribute to the development of our country and people.The blooming of “sonorous roses” makes countless Chinese proud and greatly encouraged.Chinese women’s football team has demonstrated its pursuit of ideals with practical actions, showing the style and spirit of “dream chasers” in the new era.If we want to learn from the women’s football girls and the “sonorous Roses”, we need to cultivate good ideals, plan goals, combine our personal ideals with the realization of the Chinese dream, and keep our feet on the ground.Firm in their ideals and beliefs, continue to shine in their own posts, for the realization of the Great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to contribute their own strength.As a grassroots cadre, we should learn the spirit of women’s football girls, and we should not give up any difficulties in work.Always keep in mind our original mission and serve the people wholeheartedly.The new era and the new journey bring us more and more challenges. We must have the fearless spirit and resolute courage to constantly improve ourselves and overcome all difficulties so as to live up to The Times, the people, the country and its ideals.