Start of Spring today: What can be done?First you should dress warmly

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Set up, was also built.Spring is also established from the beginning.Feb 4, the opening day of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, coincides with Start of Spring, one of the traditional 24 solar terms.As the first of the 24 solar terms, Start of Spring marks the beginning of spring. Although the cold is still severe, the snow and ice are slowly disappearing, giving birth to new hope and life, just like the Winter Olympic Stadium under the five Rings flag, dreams bloom on the start of spring day.”On the first day of The beginning of spring, 100 grasses sprout back.”The start of Spring solar term means the revival of all things.So, is it ok to take off the heavy down jacket and go for a spring outing hand in hand with your friends?A new round of rain immediately put a damper on the weather.From The fifth day of the Chinese New Year (Feb 5) to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the biggest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger will hit more than 20 provinces and municipalities in China.Today, sichuan Basin turned overcast, mainly cloudy between cloudy days, including Ya ‘an, Meishan, Leshan 3 cities and Yibin, Luzhou 2 cities south and west of the basin along the mountain overcast sky cloudy scattered light rain, high altitude areas with sleet or light snow.The next two days, the basin temperature will be lower.As for spring, it is a long way off.In meteorology, the standard for the start of spring is to keep the average daily temperature above 10℃ for five consecutive days.According to this standard, the regular start date of spring in Chengdu is March 10.In particular, this season is still cold, morning and evening temperatures can be as low as -2℃, cold insulation is still the main play.What is Start of Spring?The beginning of Spring, also known as the First lunar Month Festival, The New Year festival, the New Year festival, the New Year Dan, etc., is the first of the 24 solar terms.The beginning of Spring is the beginning of spring, timing into the spring.Although it is still chilly at this time, but the winter is over, spring returns to the earth, all things revive, nature full of vitality.There is a saying that goes, “If you eat the rice on the start of Spring, you will warm the day.”Although the cold air from the north is still active, but in the gap between the influence of the cold air, the southerly wind began to blow, the temperature around the beginning of spring, began to slowly rise.Chinese traditional “24 solar terms” is a combination of ancient agricultural civilization and astrological culture.The 24 solar terms begin with Start of Spring and end with Great Cold.Based on the 24 solar terms, ancient Chinese people practiced agricultural activities such as planting in spring, growing in summer, harvesting in autumn and storing in winter.The 24 solar terms are of great importance to the agricultural society.So, in the folk, what kind of folk activities are there on the start of Spring?”Before the Qin and Han dynasties, in many places, the first day of January was not the most important, but the start of Spring, which is the first of the 24 solar terms, and many important celebrations were held,” said Li Jianzhong, executive director of the Sichuan Folk Customs Association and vice chairman of the Sichuan Folk Literary and art Association.Although the beginning of Spring gradually became a simple solar term in the later history, many folk activities still remained.”Among the folk activities on the day of the start of Spring, the most important and influential one is “Welcome spring”.”Since the pre-Qin period, it has been an important custom to hold spring welcome activities on the day of Start of Spring.At the beginning of spring, the son of Heaven would visit the eastern suburbs to welcome spring and pray for a good harvest.When he returns, he will reward his officials. Budring will benefit the people.This kind of activity influenced the people and became the spring greeting activity of the whole people.”Li jianzhong said that folk activities are much simpler and more interesting, such as “proclaiming spring”. “In the past, on the day before the start of Spring in many places, spring officials would beat small gongs and drums, Shouting ‘Spring is coming’ all the way from house to house, proclaiming spring, singing praises and sending pictures of the spring ox and almanacs.When the host family hears the auspicious words, they usually send some money and rice.”In addition, the folk also through hanging spring flags, paste “Yichun” and other ways to welcome the spring.Li Jianzhong told reporters that as early as the Han Dynasty, there was a custom of setting up green flags (blue flags) in front of the door in the early morning of The start of Spring.In tang and Song dynasties, it was popular to wear colorful spring flags to welcome spring on the start of Spring.Xin Qiji has a word cloud: “Spring has returned, look at the beauty head, madadayo spring flags.”According to “Jing Chu Shi Shi Ji”, the start of spring, people want to post on the door “Yichun” or similar “spring spring, then fu Fu to” words.Some people believe that this kind of “Yichun” paste is the origin of the Spring Festival couplets.In addition to “spring”, there is a custom of “spring” on the start of Spring day.”Daschun” means beating the spring ox, also known as “whipping the spring Ox”, “whipping the spring ox”, “whipping the earth ox”, etc., it refers to the folk activity of breaking the clay or paper spring ox on the beginning of Spring.”Most of the ‘oxen’ used in spring are made of bamboo and wood sticks pasted with mud or paper.In the past, it was a serious and important thing to paste spring ox before the start of Spring. In many places, the county government hired skilled craftsmen in paper binding to make spring ox carefully before the start of Spring.The skeleton is made of bamboo strips and pasted with red and yellow paper, which means’ good harvest ‘.”Biting spring is also an important folk activity on the day of The start of Spring.Eating customs and food, mainly ancient spring plate and handed down to the present spring rolls (spring cake).Li jianzhong said that as early as the Jin Dynasty, spring plate appeared, then called “wu Xin pan”, meaning a dish made of five kinds of spicy vegetables.Scallion, garlic, ginger, radish, leek, leek and other spicy dishes, after eating with sterilization, cold protection, Yang qi effect.Later, there appeared the folk custom of presenting spring plate on The start of Spring day.In the Tang and Song dynasties, it was popular to eat cakes and lettuce on plates at the beginning of Spring.Du Fu’s poem “The Beginning of Spring” said: “Spring dish lettuce, suddenly recall two Beijing plum hair.”Spring rolls, also known as spring cakes, evolved from the custom of spring plates.Spring cake is a typical seasonal food on the start of Spring. It is a pancake baked with flour and usually eaten with vegetables.During the Song Dynasty, the custom of making “Tanchun cocoons” with flour on the start of Spring became popular. These cocoon-shaped cocoons filled with meat or vegetables became the prototype of spring rolls later.In the Yuan Dynasty, there were records of wrapping spring cake rolls with fillings and frying them.In the Qing Dynasty, spring rolls came into being. They are made by filling the filling with a round thin dough roll, growing into a long strip, and then frying until golden brown and floating.Nowadays, the custom of eating spring rolls is popular all over the country during the start of Spring, especially in southern China, where spring rolls have their own characteristics.In the case of Chengdu spring rolls, the dough is baked into the skin;Fried chives shredded meat, garlic moss shredded meat, cold mix a variety of seasonal vegetables;Shu people “good spicy, still taste”, so sometimes prepare soy sauce, vinegar, cooked chili oil, peanuts, mustard powder and so on to do dipping materials.Roll all kinds of cold and hot dishes on a flexible spring roll wrapper to make chengdu spring rolls.Mix with the dipping material, one bite down, the strong spicy taste will not only make people refreshed, but also have the effect of sweating and dispersing cold, after eating the feeling is comfortable all over.The beginning of Spring, as a solar term in ancient Chinese poetry, is the harbinger of spring returning to earth.When ancient people looked at the beginning of Spring, they always had good expectations for the New Year. Therefore, in the poems describing the beginning of spring, we can often read the vitality and yearning hidden behind the words.For example, the tang Dynasty poet Luo Yin “The 7th day of the first lunar month in Beijing spring” : one, two, three, four, five, six, ten thousand trees sprout is today.Far days back to the wild goose cloud flying, near the water fish break ice.Tang Xuanzong era was prime minister Zhang Jiuling “Spring day morning on snow” : suddenly on linting snow, Yao Hua everywhere open.The beginning of this year, last night with spring back.Yu Run the window bamboo, flowers fan mei.East suburb zhai sacrifice, should see five gods to come.The beginning of Spring Was written by Zhang Ishii, a writer of the early Southern Song Dynasty.Then feel the present business is full, the east wind blows water green jagged.Reporter: Cheng Bo part comprehensive cover news editor: Qin Yihua proofread: Yu Pu review: Zhong Li