Stay Shantou New Year, another wonderful!The Communist Youth League and municipal Committee took multiple measures to ensure that young talents feel at ease during the Spring Festival

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In China’s traditional festivals, the Spring Festival has a special significance. However, under the special background of epidemic prevention and control, the Spring Festival in Shantou is also unique.In order to make the young talents staying in Shantou feel the warmth of “home”, experience the authentic “New Year taste” of Chaoshan and enhance the sense of belonging to Shantou, the Communist Youth League Committee has taken several measures at the same time.Together with relevant departments, we launched 8 activities, including our festival, Spring Festival — “Eat New Year’s Eve Dinner together build A Happy Year”, Shantou Youth Talents Spring Welcoming Mixer, “Welcome The Year of the Tiger together” 2022 Chinese and Foreign Youth New Year’s Eve Dinner DIY Mixer, to ensure that young talents feel at ease to celebrate the Chinese New Year and serve more than 500 young talents.On the 29th New Year’s Eve, the Communist Youth League Committee, the Municipal Government Offices Administration, and Shantou Rongmedia Group held our festival — Spring Festival — “Eat The New Year’s Eve Dinner and Build a Happy Year together” in the canteen of the Municipal Party Committee. Through making dumplings, eating the New Year’s Eve dinner and interaction,Let the young talents staying in Shantou New Year feel the warmth of “home”, experience the authentic Chaoshan “New Year taste”, enhance the sense of belonging to Shantou.More than 100 young talents from various units in the city participated in the activity.On the occasion of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, the Youth League committee and the Youth League Committee of Israel Institute of Technology of Guangdong jointly organized the DIY activity of “Welcome the Year of the Tiger together” 2022 Chinese and Foreign Youth Reunion dinner, which made the foreign young talents in Shanzhou feel the strong traditional Chinese culture atmosphere.Foreign teachers and students will experience Chinese calligraphy, Chaoshan paper cutting, Chaoshan Congou tea, making red peach cake and other activities together. They will experience Chinese culture personally and enjoy the Unique “international style” Chinese New Year in the process of tasting chaoshan special snacks and blending in the strong New Year customs.Is about to better play to the communist youth league to youth service youth, condensed youth functions, meet the demand of the youth dating, pku was held in the eve of the Spring Festival “celebrate the 100th anniversary of the building group – tribute hundred years, a total of Syria’s future” shantou talented youth fellowship activities and “celebrate the 100th anniversary of the building group — — youth meet love gather under the league flag” shantou two new delegations TuanGan fellowship activities,It has attracted 100 young talents for the appointment of youth.Activity set up “the pentagon a dollar”, “seven dark seven” Ming “experience” at the beginning of love such as interactive games, in romantic and relaxed atmosphere to guide young people to open up, close the distance of each other, to leave shantou new young talent builds deepen understanding, enhance friendship, looking for a bridge of understanding friend, promote young talent rooted in shantou, shantou, shantou into.In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of young talents in Shantou during the Spring Festival and create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, on the morning of the first day of the New Year, the Communist Youth League and Shantou Film Industry Association jointly carried out “Our Festival · Spring Festival” — Shantou Young Talents Watching movies during the Spring Festival in Hengdian Cinema in Suning Square.Organization for sandstones, youth talents together to watch the Chinese New Year red revolutionary films – “gate bridge of long jin lake”, reliving the red memory in light guide young people to learn revolutionary hero bear spirit, the patriotism is rooted in the bottom of the heart, in the work carries forward the “to do one” best, dedication, to the more high morale striving new journey, forge new era.More than 60 young talents from enterprises and institutions in Zhuhai participated in the activity.Next, the Municipal Committee of the Youth League will also organize shantou Youth Lecture hall and a series of activities to care for young talents in Shantou, to enrich their holiday life, to attract talents to stay and gather talents and cultivate talents, to create a good atmosphere of caring for talents, serving talents and gathering talents, so that young talents can better integrate into and take roots in Shantou.It provides a solid talent guarantee for Shantou to take the road of “establishing the city by industry and strengthening the city by industry”, and contributes wisdom strength to promote Shantou to catch up in the construction of special economic zones in the new era.Shantou financial media Group Shantou Xiaobu: Please help xiaobu forward this article!Public account/Sina Weibo/Nanfang +/ Today toutiao @ Shantou government affairs release