Apple plans to launch low-cost 5G phones in early March, expected to be distributed online

2022-06-11 0 By

Financial network technology on February 5, according to Sina technology news, Apple plans to launch a new low-cost iPhone and an upgraded iPad on or around March 8.The event will be Apple’s first major event since the launch of its new MacBook Pro in October.Like other recent Apple product launches, this one is expected to be online, according to people familiar with the matter.Apple had reported quarterly results that beat Wall Street expectations and marked the company’s victory over the pandemic and supply chain crises caused by chip shortages.Apple has set its sights even higher in 2022, with the company on track to record its biggest full year of product launches ever.Apple’s plans could also be tweaked due to production delays or other changes, given that the planned launch is more than a month away, people familiar with the matter said.