Cloud flash pay the most cattle, the most practical 5 functions, master will give you unexpected surprise

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Cloud flash payment is a mobile payment tool APP jointly developed and maintained by China UnionPay and commercial banks.Cloud flash payment has a lot in common with alipay, wechat Tenpay and other payment tools.But cloud flash pay the most cattle, the most practical 5 functions,90% of people really do not know.Learning and mastering these functions will bring you different feelings and moods, and you will be impressed!1. Unified bank card management, balance inquiry and fee-free fund transfer;As long as the bank card bound in the cloud flash payment, its balance and transfer record can be queried, and it is very simple, equivalent to the collection of multiple banks’ mobile apps into a mobile banking APP.Neither Alipay nor wechat can do this.And all kinds of bank cards bound in cloud flash payment, transfer and transfer are free of commission;Below is my cloud flash payment binding card screenshots and bank card data, it is really very convenient!2. Credit card overdraft monitoring and pound-free repayment;As long as you have a credit card, make sure you pay by flash.It’s so convenient to check your credit card bill.No matter which bank’s credit card, as long as you bind the cloud flash payment APP.The consumption record that overdraws every month, reimbursement record, expire repayment day, all should return the data information such as remaining sum, be clear at a glance, will not appear to forget reimbursement again, the condition with unclear account;Maintaining your credit history is a one-trick trick.Take a look at the picture below: How much you owe on your credit card, and when you owe it, can you forget to pay it?3. Personal credit report application inquiry and printing;Many friends often need to check their credit reports in their daily work and life.Such as employment, company registration, trade, business cooperation and so on.In the past, it was necessary to go to the business counter of the Credit Investigation center of the People’s Bank of China to inquire or register an account on the website of the credit Investigation Center of the People’s Bank of China to apply for inquiry, which was generally troublesome.Use cloud flash pay inquiry my credit report is very convenient, with the use of the check.I use cloud flash to query my credit report.4. Digital campus functions are also very useful.This function has a learning world, including Xinhua dictionary, idiom dictionary and other learning tools, with the use of the check, for parents to tutor children quite convenient.5. Other functions provided by Alipay and wechat, such as bus travel, government affairs and people’s livelihood (including social security, medical insurance, recharge and payment, tax deduction, health code, trip code query, etc.), shopping and entertainment can bring you convenient and pleasant experience.Incidentally, cloud flash pay new users will have more preferential activities and preferential intensity, should be worth looking forward to!