Dream of your smiling face

2022-06-11 0 By

Now you are someone else’s wife, I and your story, has become a very distant memory.But I, occasionally still think of you, in the dead of night, your voice and face, especially clear.Turn over a page of memories, stay in our story, tired of a section of a section, repeat.Always in a night, dream of their wayfarers, mountains and mountains, to find once you.Once you, smile so innocent, never hide the heart, happy, like a swallow, flying.Your hometown, is the place I have been to countless times in my dream, the fragrance of your long hair, let me lost in the night.The wind and snow in the winter of that year was bitter, and I felt the coldest in jiangnan. The sad station always repeated the parting.I sit by the window, the Windows are cold, and in my rearview mirror, the undulating Custer landscape recedes.I hold your hand, looking at your eyes lost, I do not know, is cold, or sad, let me can not speak.If only we two people in this world, how good, we do not have to take into account all the resistance of reality.However, in addition to love, I can not give you anything, love, is not the whole of life, you have too much scruples.With too much sad for a little sweet, with too much waiting, for a little together, this is not the meaning of happiness?We are not brave enough, we are carefully to the relationship management, until the management is not good, love closed.Failing relationships are often not the relationship itself. Your parents, your family, put too much pressure on you.In this era of material everything, I am with you in spirit, facing the reality, weak.In this life, we have no results, it is immersed in the process of once, even if short, but forever.Now, we are thousands of miles apart, I believe, you have transformed into a no longer capricious, strong woman.And I, silently pray, hope your future life, happiness, health and peace, forget me completely.