His home has only one child, relatives home 3 children how to send red envelopes?There’s a technique here

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The Spring Festival red envelope is inevitable, especially between relatives and friends have children, must give children red envelopes.But in the process of giving red envelopes may face some “inequality”, for example, some relatives have three children, while some people have only one child, in the face of this situation, how to give red envelopes?In view of this problem, I believe that many people will fall into the difficulty of selection. After all, they only have one child. If the other party has three children, it will hurt their heart if they have too many children.For example, he sends 200 yuan to each other’s children. If the other side is reasonable, he may send 600 yuan to his children. In this way, he has no loss and everyone is in peace.But in reality, there are many people who are not so reasonable, and some people even regard giving red envelopes as a way to “get rich”, especially for those who have more children, there are more such opportunities to make money.These people are very active in giving red envelopes, giving “big red envelopes” to other people’s children, which can drive them into a blind alley.For example, if they have three children and they give 500 yuan to the children of others first, how much money should you give to each of their three children when they receive 500 yuan in red envelopes?Five hundred dollars between the three kids?Or 500 bucks per person?If the other party has three children, it is obviously difficult for you to let the three children share 500 yuan. Even if the amount of each child is less than 500 yuan, it is too stingy.But if you give the same $500 to each child, you’ve lost $1,000. That’s a lot of money.But for the sake of face, in the end a lot of people still choose to pay 1500 yuan, that is, 500 yuan per child.In view of this situation, we can only hold a breath in the heart, dare to anger dare not speak.So how do you save face and not hurt money when you have different numbers of children?I think one of the most effective moves is to take the initiative.We must send red envelopes before others, and when sending red envelopes, the amount must not be too big, do not give each other too big red envelopes because of the face problem, otherwise the last others did not send your children according to the equivalent amount of money you will lose.I think in the process of giving red envelopes, try to control the single red envelope within 100 yuan, for example, the other party has three children, you give each child 100 yuan, a total of 300 yuan.After you give a red envelope to others, others may have two situations: the first one, give your child 300 yuan, so that you do not suffer a loss, just money from the left pocket to the right pocket, but each other’s feelings have deepened, although this is a form, but for the child is not the same.Second, give your child $100.If the other party does not understand the human feelings, just want to borrow the Spring Festival to earn some red envelope money, then you give his children 100 yuan each, he may also give your children 100 yuan, they do so, it seems that there is no improper place, after all, a child is 100 yuan.In this case, you should be prepared to lose when you send the red envelope, but because you take the initiative, you only send 300 yuan, at least the loss is not that big, at most 200 yuan loss.This loss, I believe, is within everyone’s tolerance.But if you wait for someone to give your child a red envelope instead of taking the initiative, you’ll be in a passive situation.So if you want to avoid embarrassing problems, you can only take the initiative and give each other a small amount of red envelopes, which can avoid a lot of embarrassment.Of course, there is another way is to send physical objects, not red envelopes.For example, before the Spring Festival to buy some gifts for each other’s children, gifts as big as possible, so that it is elegant, but these bulky gifts do not have to be expensive.One advantage of this is that the other party has no idea how much you’re paying, since many prices are opaque and vary greatly from item to item, making it hard to guess.And when giving gifts to each other’s children, it is necessary to clearly tell each other not to send red envelopes, because the real enjoyment of red envelopes is adults, children did not get any benefits, give children some gifts to children can really be used.After stating a position, look at the other party should send red envelopes or send gifts.Write it at the end.Send New Year red envelopes is originally let children add a lunar New Year festival, but I don’t know since when, red envelopes have become a deal between the adults, and the amount of hair is more and more big, only a few dollars, before slowly to dozens of dollars, now has grown to hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars, a red envelope is completely gone bad.I think Chinese New Year red envelopes should learn from guangdong, cantonese is not money, but they in red envelopes full of cash just looked quite “stingy”, many people only send $5 or 10 yuan more than 50 yuan, or $100, after they put the red envelope, never consider each other to be able to reciprocate, so there’s no because red envelope to more or less unhappy,In the end, it is the children who really enjoy the happiness, which is the real meaning of the red envelope.