Liaocheng Dongchangfu district successfully held the 12th national Fitness Games online Taijiquan (sword) competition

2022-06-11 0 By

Wangjingcheng poster news reporter Zhou Changjing liaocheng recently, by liaocheng Dongchang District national fitness Games organizing committee, Dongchangfu District Sports Development Center, district Sports Federation undertook,The 2022 Dongchangfu 12th National Fitness Games Online Taijiquan (sword) competition, co-organized by Hongwu Tai Chi Club, District Fitness Qigong Association and District Social Sports Instructor Association, ended successfully after 20 days, with more than 200 people participating in the competition.Under the theme of “Celebrating The Spring Festival and helping the Winter Olympics”, the online competition consisted of tai Chi and tai chi apparatus.There are eight methods and five steps Taijiquan, 24 style Taijiquan, 42 style Taijiquan, Chen style 56 style Taijiquan, traditional Yang style Taijiquan, traditional Chen style Taijiquan and 32 type Taiji Sword, 42 type Taiji sword, traditional Chen style Taiji sword (family project team and individual project team).It attracts many taijiquan (sword) fans of all ages, including 78 years old and 6 years old.The competition follows the principle of fairness and justice and is reviewed by professional judges to ensure the quality and perfection of the competition.The successful holding of the online Taijiquan (sword) competition promoted the excellent traditional Chinese culture, further popularized taijiquan, and also created a strong atmosphere for Dongchang District to create “The Hometown of Taijiquan for the elderly in China”.