Ouyang Nana finally take immortal route, wear a carving blank skirt beauty into flower, more and more female fan

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Ouyang nana, one of the rising stars of the post-00s generation, has gained a firm foothold in the fashion industry despite being mocked for her acting skills.Recently, Ouyang Nana appeared on the stage and was exposed. She chose to wear a hollowed-out lace dress and had her hair cut short, looking like a fairy.Ouyang Nana white dress wear guide fashion keywords: hollow elements;Waist line;Pure color;Lace.White skirt is the white moonlight collocation in the mind of a lot of little sisters. After all, white skirt can not only set off a full fairy, but also draw the outline of a nit modern and fashionable breath, which can make the whole look to shape an elegant and intellectual fan.However, when matching white, we must combine the color clash, which can not only enrich the modeling but also set off the beauty, and then highlight the beautiful fan.01 Modeling highlight 1:Pure color style to create a clean color is plays a guidance role in modelling, the collocation of color, generally divided into basic colour and bright eye colour, OuYangNaNa the body model is combined with the base colour of the pure color is tie-in, make a relaxed and the effect of the use of pure white series, still can make model integration, better apply colours to a drawing gives beauty and minus age fan.The advantages of pure color style: (1) to create an integration, foil a senior feeling and texture (2) to create a ethereal fluttering, give the whole person more aesthetic feeling (3) to create a fresh and clean and agile, highlighting the urban beauty of the aura 02 modelling highlights two: combined with the collision color collocation;Rich modelling if you feel that pure color style is too single, then you can choose to use accessories or fashion elements to decorative effect, Ouyang Nana is to choose the use of belt as a collocation, the use of belt can be said to be multiple, the main role is reflected in:① The use of black belt collocation, set off the color of the style, to create a black and white classic collocation ② outline the waist line, create a clean fan, create a superior body proportion 03 modeling highlights three: use the belt outline the waist line;The collocation of waist line is the key point of the overall look. After all, the outline of waist line can shape a superior figure proportion, and more importantly, it can set off temperament or aura, create a clean effect, and make the overall look more colorful.Ouyang Nana’s body style is combined with the belt method, using the belt to create a waist line, and then outline a small waist, to show a thin and tall style of wearing.04 modelling window four: gauze element and hollow-out element photograph are united in wedlock to rich modelling, side focus is basically put in fashionable element and deserve to act the role of collocation in, the effect that both collocation has different also is very different.Fashion elements focus on shaping a rich modeling, set off a colorful effect, accessories is decoration, focus on creating a temperament and aura fan.Ouyang Nana this body modelling is to combine tulle element and hollow-out element collocation, tulle element makes a lightsome and clever effect, hollow-out element is to model a melting fan, set off gives noughty girl feeling.Bingle modelling 05 modelling point 5: create a pistol in a sweet blessing under wind, want to contrast the effect of MOE, you can choose and match, OuYangNaNa bingle modelling is choice, itself short hair is the effect of the model a pistol, so to dress perfect fusion, reveal a nifty and fashionable van, create a more aesthetic feeling.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!