Shulan, a rice village, celebrated the New Year with fireworks

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“Three six nine, go out;Two fifty-eight, to go home.”Home in the heart, road in the foot, the sixth day is the day many people leave home.When the eastern sun quietly rises, we will start a new journey for family and loved ones.Joyous moments are always short, and reunions are always memorable.Immersed in the thick festive atmosphere, unconsciously is the sixth day of the Chinese New Year.”Six” means “six” and many people will choose to open their business on this day, hoping for a “good luck”.This also means, “nian” has gradually gone away, people began to accept, with the blessing of friends and relatives, continue to struggle.Let the past in the past, let the arrival of the future, pack up, set out to happiness, that all such as spring sunshine, bright, brilliant, beautiful.Editor | Gong Chang sun Likun Responsible Editor | Wang Ying Photography | Tan Yajing submission email |