What is curry’s biggest regret about losing the NBA MVP in 2015, 73 wins in 2016 and not winning a third straight title?

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There are three major regrets in Curry’s career. The first one is that Andre Iguodala took the NBA Finals MVP after winning the 2015 Finals.One year’s regret is that in 2016, they created the best regular season record in NBA history with 73 wins. However, they lost the championship and missed the record of winning the championship with the best record in NBA history when they were defeated by the Cavaliers in the Finals by James 1:3.The other disappointment is that Curry’s Warriors won three championships in four years but failed to complete a dynasty.So of these three regrets, which one is the biggest for Curry?SouTu editing the first in the NBA finals MVP this stuff, I think the garage there is no need to feel sorry for this thing, because this thing in the short term and are more likely to win an honor, because as long as you by 1 ~ 2 years of effort, can lead the team into the playoffs, came to the NBA finals or do you have a chance to get this honor again.So there’s still a chance that finals MVP could win the award again in the future, so it’s not a big deal for Curry.SouTu editor is a lost 73 regular season wins a championship, at 16 years 73 regular season wins for garage though is a great achievement, but for himself in the Treasury, even the future you mention warriors 73 regular season wins won a championship, you don’t think I have the honor to garage a very big promotion,Even if the bulls Jordan led the team created a 72 – win record, but when you mention Jordan, everyone will think of Michael Jordan’s bulls two championships, is the establishment of the two dynasties, 73 regular season wins this thing for a player is not actually a nature of ascension, and this honor belongs to the warriors team,Or for the NBA record of 73 – is a simple, its effect is worse than for a single player to a MVP to reality, so 73 regular season wins for garage is not one of the most unfortunate thing, after all this thing even if implemented, for individual historical position in the database is not too big.I think the biggest shame is that the Warriors didn’t win three consecutive titles in 4 years, because there are very few teams in NBA history that have a dynasty, and the closest team to us is the Lakers who have a three-peat dynasty. If Curry’s warriors can do that,So we went to say in recent 20 years the best athletes James may not be a man, and if once complete three-peat dynasty warriors, the historical position of library would have a very big promotion, garage is definitely the best point guard in NBA history, and he will also participate in history in the first 10 a discussion.So I think steph’s biggest regret is not being able to lead the Warriors to a three-peat. After all, it’s a much harder thing to accomplish than the first two, and once you miss the opportunity, it’s a much harder thing to achieve again.After all, with the competition in the league right now, it’s hard to win a championship, let alone three in a row, or even one.So there’s no turning back from missing out on a dynasty in four years, and there’s almost no chance the Warriors will get there in the future.So which of these regrets do you think is the biggest one for Curry?Please leave a message in the comments section, if you also like basketball, click a follow again!Xiaobian daily update