Wufu New Year epidemic prevention and control burden

2022-06-11 0 By

Central region: Zhang Qi reported that the family reunion qingfeng years, give oneself for others joy heart.The epidemic prevention and control has not stopped, and volunteer services are in the forefront.February 5, 2022, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.A group of 18 volunteers from Tianyuan Class in Zhumadian, Henan province, showed up at the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in Xianglin Community and funeral home in Zhumadian city early in the morning.They wear a red vest, wearing a little red hat, valiant, like the soldiers to defend the country, stick to their posts, lightning can not move, dedicated to their own, to protect others.Since receiving the invitation from the community on January 9, 2021, the volunteers have consistently taken on the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control and checkpoint duty without complaint or regret.Usually whether it is the north wind howling, flying snow diffuse dance of the bad weather, or the reunion of the New Year’s Eve, as well as happy and peaceful New Year’s Day, they do not hesitate to go out of the house, stick to the point never relax, with practical actions to interpret the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly.As a result of the Spring Festival, there are more people visiting relatives and friends, coming and going in an endless stream.The volunteers patiently publicized the importance of epidemic prevention and control. No one should be careless or take any chances. They took pains to check their temperature, register their information and ask for their health code.The volunteers’ serious and responsible attitude and diligent and self-disciplined performance have received numerous compliments.Because they know that to ensure the safety and health of the masses, so that they can live a peaceful and happy year, is their biggest wish, but also shoulder the responsibility.The bright red waistcoat on the volunteers not only adds a festive color to each duty card point, but also brings good luck and peace to the masses.Their silent dedication and selfless dedication, the community has been the majority of cadres and praise.