A Girl Saves a untidy beggar in the Mountain. Beggar: Don’t look in the mirror on your wedding day

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During the Southern Song Dynasty, there lived in Taizhou a woodcutter named Xie Liangting. Although he was not skillful, he was warm-hearted. Although he did not say that he would do whatever he could, he was very popular with people.Xie Liangting has a daughter named Xie Wanqing, this female willow leaf curved eyebrow, apricot eyes, cherry mouth a little bit, to say that the features are not pick, but there is half of the vermilion birthmark on the face, it is disgusting to see.However, this Xie Wanqing is a complete inheritance of his father’s good character, that is to do good and do not expect the kind of return.The story of father and daughter doing good deeds spread far and wide.There is a scholar in the neighboring village of Xie Liangting, named donglai right of the father and daughter of the two people very moved, took the initiative to visit the Xie Family.After a conversation, she felt that Xie Wanqing was the reincarnation of bodhisattva and expressed her love for her immediately.Although right Donglai is the people of the neighboring village, but because of the distance is not far away, the person’s moral integrity, brilliant, so it is Xie Wanqing also heard of this person.Xie Wanqing has been a little of their own appearance of the heart of inferiority, today suddenly there is a look, talent are so outstanding people to its confession, is elated, can not help but, at that time, is not how to do.Xie Liangting is also some stunned, but for the right to understand a little donglai, certainly also think he was joking.Xie Liangting as an elder, repeatedly and the right to confirm whether it is making fun of donglai, can get the answer is still want to set the marriage.According to the right of donglai is that he sees people marry a wife, although also see appearance, but more focus on conduct, Xie Wanqing’s virtue is the best woman he has seen, if missed today, it will be its regret for life.Father and daughter two people are to see the right to Donglai is indeed from the heart, Xie Wanqing also feel that they can marry such a person this life without regret, then also agreed to the marriage.Time flies, and the wedding day is coming in a twinkling.Xie Wanqing’s mother went early, Xie Wanqing has been dependent on his father, he will be married out, leaving his father a personal life in the home, Xie Wanqing heart more worry, afraid his father will not take good care of himself.So Xie Wanqing use this remaining few days, to the mountain to help his father cut wood, sometimes will help in the mountains to pick some herbs, sent to the city to sell medicine, always think can help a little is a little, so that his father in the future life hard.Can have such filial daughter, Xie Liangting is also very consoled in the heart.On this day, Xie Wanqing and his father went up the mountain to cut wood, Xie Wanqing is looking for herbs around, after all, as long as you find a strain of herbs to dig out, it is comparable to his father cut wood for several days.God helps those who help themselves, but also make Xie Wanqing were offered a rare medicinal herbs, they tried to dig, voice is vaguely heard someone shout, Xie Wanqing immediately abandon herbalism, walked a little along the direction of the voice, see a dressed in rags cassock, wearing a hat boat, hand a palm leaf fan, one monk or a beggar is a person.That strange person is a look of pain on his face, the sound of ceasing groans in his mouth comes out.Although Xie Wanqing is not a little girl, but also not afraid, quickly forward to ask “what happened, do you need help?”.The strange man saw someone come forward, hurriedly answered: “I am a beggar, came here after the snake bite, now poisonous hair, should die soon, unless, unless”, the cloud you monk did not go on.When Xie Wanqing heard this beggar was bitten by poisonous snakes, immediately a surprise, then see this beggar seems to have words did not finish, Xie Wanqing rescue heart, hurriedly ask, but there is the method of rescue?But at this time the beggar is silent no longer words, anxious Xie Wanqing round and round, and at this time the face of the beggar gradually blackened, the body is not live to shiver.Xie Wanqing suddenly thought of a possibility, is to suck out the poison blood with her mouth, so she looked at the messy monk again.The clothes around his ankles had been ripped open to reveal the blood holes left by two snake bites, but the filthy beggar could not reach them.So Xie Wanqing don’t want to, come forward to hug the sloppy beggar ankle wound, it sucks a mouthful, then vomit a big black blood, after several times, Xie Wanqing also feel dizzy, fell asleep in the past.When it woke up again, has returned to the home, Xie Liangting hurried forward to ask his daughter where uncomfortable, and Xie Wanqing only said some hungry.Xie Liangting this just rest assured, asked why his daughter will faint in the mountain.Xie Wanqing said that he met a dirty beggar, and Xie Liangting is impossible, because they are not poisonous snakes, more will not be bitten by poisonous snakes, Xie Liangting fainted in the girl’s place, also did not find other people, more did not find blood.At this time of Xie Wanqing is also confused, do you dream?But I clearly remember the beggar’s face and voice, and when I finally fainted, the beggar said to himself a puzzling word, that is, do not look in the mirror on the wedding day.No longer think, after dinner Xie Wanqing recovered physical strength, check their own, no discomfort, there is no more entanglements in this matter.In the wedding day, Xie Wanqing know yourself appearance, also don’t want to give oneself difficult there would be no dressing up in front of a mirror, Xie Wanqing also know your husband care about his moral character, not too care about appearance, so also is easy to wash and dress, dressed in a prospective, cover the cranium, then wait for marry your family to meet.Everything goes smoothly, to the wedding, Xie Wanqing also dont want to destroy the atmosphere of their appearance, let the right Donglai directly after lights out and then open the head rest, the right Donglai is not care about the red tape, with xie Wanqing mind.After a night, the second morning wake up, Xie Wanqing or before Xie Wanqing, but the vermiline birthmark on the face is completely missing, not this disgusting birthmark, Xie Wanqing is as beautiful as a fairy in the sky, originally do not care about the right to donglai, can not help but look at.Xie Wanqing is also curious about why her husband looks at her like this, so she got up and took a look in the mirror, only to find her appearance changes, but also thought of the beggar she met a few days ago.Xiaobian remarks: Virtuous individuals and families are bound to have more auspicious, virtuous people are bound to have the blessing of all the gods, but good deeds, do not ask the future.Disclaimer: this article is purely a literary creation, the plot and characters are fictional, do not equate with feudal superstition.If you want to learn more about our favorite stories, follow us