DNF: This is the peak of the career!Now it’s also a large size for a lot of people

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Speaking of the major updates that DNF has made this year, we have to mention the summer version of the 5th class of Ghost Sword – Blade Shadow.Wearing a small cape and small boots, the skill design is smooth and does not lose damage, but also accompanied by a unique upgrade area and equipment output, the debut of the magic blade shadow has received a huge response in both the national service and hanbok.This inventory takes you to review the birth of blade shadow.It can be seen from the work of different stages of standing painting of Blade Ying, who is a fan of irksome sunglasses. No matter how her posture or skills change, what remains unchanged are leather sunglasses and irksome eyes, which shows blade Ying’s love for sunglasses.Meanwhile, The blade box “King Kong”, the only trusted friend that Blade Ying wears since birth, and the big tai Dao “Heiyao” and the small tai Dao “White Tooth” kept in “King Kong” have never left their body, which also highlights the blade of Blade Ying.After the second awakening (including the third awakening), blade shadow will change her standing posture from that of a female ghost swordsman to one on her back, with a pair of beautiful eyes looking back slightly.This is blade shadow’s unique stand and a very special stand in the street of all classes.In the summer version of the synchronized update with blade shadow, a pair of beautiful back will be fully revealed with the summer swimsuit, who can refuse a proud and charming female ghost sword?Blade shadow’s one awareness is called arcane, which forces the ability to stop and adds the damage of the interrupted skill to arcane, which means that the ability can be softened and cancelled to release arcane without losing any damage.This passivity caused a big stir when blade Shadow was announced. The skill softening not only eliminated the skill’s follow-up and backswing but also integrated the skill’s attack power into the sword closing skill, which had never been done before in any class.The representative character wu Shen Wu Ji of softening skills can be said to be forced softening, skills not softening will lose damage;Bladeshade’s soft skills now reduce their percentage of abilities (level 95), and bladeshade’s soft skills now lose subsequent damage…Only blade shadow, soft, and the combination of skills attack, DNF’s career design broke the definition of “soft”, but also spawned a unique blade shadow gameplay — Super two.Because the second awakening skill of Blade Shadow belongs to the series of skills of “closing sword skill”, that is to say, the attack power of other skills can be integrated into the damage of second consciousness through the secret skill of closing sword, including the first awakening skill, which enables blade Shadow to use one consciousness to soften the two senses in the first time to instantly burst out two awakening injuries.At the same time, when a character reaches full level and does not have three awakens, he can choose to specialize one or two sense damage, which increases the damage of the special skill by 20%. This feature, in combination with the Secret skill of sword closing, directly gives blade Shadow super two sense birth.Although the blade was like before the shadow emperor, the dragon Lord such super 2 sleep, but the existence of the hermetic closed knife blade shadow super 2 sleep covers a percentage of skill, let the other class 2 sleep far less data, regardless of skill data aside, blade shadow under charge sabreplay blessing has full capacity, the outbreak of cooperate to born again after all professional strengthen data level, the top directly.When blade Shadow is opened, it will also open its own dungeons and areas for blade Shadow development. In the upgrade process, it will drop level 100 epic mythology equipment, BUFF equipment, Black Raven’s Land selection materials, Stone Runes, and Shrokh group materials.At the same time, the song of Blade Shadow also has its own myth converter. Every time you change a myth, you can ban an unwanted myth, and you will eventually get the desired myth equipment if you participate in the activity.Song of Blade Shadow lasts for two months. With the exclusive pass of Blade Shadow and the materials given as gifts, the booked blade Shadow can quickly graduate from the SS legend and catch up with the game progress of the large group of characters in a short time. With the powerful character attributes of blade Shadow itself, the new blade Shadow makes a very low progress in this cycle.Before Blade Shadow, Ozma was demanding for most classes.Reputation requirements for exporting classes are generally 1.8W on 2 ox and 1.9W on 3 ox.After the launch, blade Shadow broke the threshold to enter the group with the skill data beyond the version.At the beginning of the launch, pictures of The Red 10 blade film graduation outfit piling 31E spread all over the major forums, and players lamented: “Is this TM Red 10?”The launch time of blade Films is the same as the release time of summer sets. In the case that there are no Pets in the Spring Festival, National Day halo and no treasure beads with Chinese characteristics, generally, the newly named blade films will be matched with summer halo pets or blade films war pets. In the case of Red 10, the prestige of Shilok can only reach about 1.7W even after graduation.However, it does not belong to the 1.7W reputation of damage, also became the first to break into the group reputation threshold of the occupation, 1.7W fame of 3 cattle master C countless.Despite the ugly face of krypton, the damage of blade shadow is really sweet.Conclusion As the fifth shift of female ghost sword, Blade Ying can not get such a big response without powerful skill data, unique character image and supporting powerful activities.At present, the fifth career of the male gunner alloy soldier has also appeared, I believe that many players are on the way to upgrade, let us experience the pleasure of the mud car together!Tut tut tut