Guo Songmin | “fighting”, I have conquered

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My book, The Northern and Southern Wars — Selected Works of Guo Songmin’s Film and Television Commentary, was published in 2021.The book, from writing to putting together, has gone through an arduous process that could have made a movie.When it was published, it went through the same hardships — when it hit the shelves last year, it was good for a while, but suddenly, for unknown reasons, it wasn’t available again, and many people who wanted it couldn’t get it.After a hiatus of several months, it is now available again.Since you can, so hurry up, anyway, there is not much left.”Northern and Southern War”, collected all my film reviews.The reason for such a “murderous” name, on the one hand, I like the movie “Northern and Southern War” since my childhood, think it is the military theme of the movie can not be surpassed in the classic;Second, I have always seen film as a battleground in the cultural and ideological struggle.That, I think, is an honest approach to movies.As The Soviet revolutionary filmmaker Jiga Vertov said in 1920: “Cinema is unlucky.It was born when there was no country that was not ruled by capital.The bourgeoisie then had the malevolent idea of using this new toy to entertain the masses, or rather to divert the attention of the masses from their most basic goal, the struggle against the capitalists.”Comrade Jiga Vertov said it perfectly, and for the filmmakers of the early 20th century, there could not have been a more profound insight.And all I’ve tried to do in this book is direct public attention in the direction it should be directed.This work is very hard, it is also a kind of north and South war!However, although I use the word “carrier of ideology” to describe movies, it does not mean that movies are terrible or that we must be afraid of movies. It just means that we must learn to watch movies with a critical eye. The meaning of “criticism” here is not opposition, but discrimination and reflection.Sheng Beijing, a young scholar, said in his review of the book, “Enjoy the Joy of Criticism”, “North and South War is not only an in-depth analysis of Chinese revolutionary films, but also a critique of European, Japanese and Korean films.From the revolution to the construction, from the Anti-Japanese War to the Cold War, a short collection of self-selected historical vision and insight, can be called a blooming snow lotus in film criticism.”He was very flattering, but I would like to quote it here for your reference.