Hisense central air conditioning for the winter Olympic athletes warm guard

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has opened, and popular athletes such as Gu Ailing and Wang Meng have become the biggest flow. However, behind this, the ice and snow venues dedicated silently gather the power of China’s “green technology”.Under the background of China’s “dual carbon” goal, the Olympic Winter Games will adhere to the “green and low-carbon” construction concept and make comprehensive updates and applications in venue construction, infrastructure, technical services and other aspects.It will be the first Olympic event to achieve the goal of “carbon neutral” by completely neutralizing carbon emissions from energy, construction, transportation and carbon sinks.As leader of hvac industry, hisense central air conditioning with high efficiency, high stability, high quality green matrix innovative technology products, to provide the games venues with hisense frequency conversion innovation of science and technology characteristics of green, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and healthy hvac solutions, assist the games competitions held smoothly, contribute an own strength for winter construction.This time, Hisense Central air conditioning dare to meet new challenges, shoulder the responsibility and mission of Beijing Shougang Ski big jump project and shougang old industrial zone transformed winter training center athletes apartment project, and provide them with hi-Multi G series central air conditioning, Hisense Hi-MultiM series, Hisense 5G Glory Home central air conditioning and other products and services.To create a more healthy, fresh and comfortable environment for the winter Olympic Stadium.Is the escort shougang skiing venues Practice green low carbon concept in shougang ski big platform is one of the most visually stunning athletic project, mainly by the track athletes, referees and audience stand of three areas, the platform design fit in to the world famous “flying” elements in the dunhuang murals, clever and beautiful shape.After the Winter Olympic Games, it will become the world’s first permanent skiing platform, serving the development of ice and snow sports in China.For such large ski venues, hVAC equipment is often very tested in the work efficiency, stability, comfort and other aspects of the performance.Hisense has been deeply engaged in the field of central air conditioning for many years, and its products have many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, safety and stability, which have won the favor and recognition of the industry. Therefore, Hisense central air conditioning is fully confident to provide equipment and services for the Venues of the Winter Olympics and bring athletes a healthy and comfortable “Hisense spirit”.Hisense HI-Multi M series central air conditioning is equipped with high-efficiency high-pressure chamber scroll compressor and advanced frequency conversion control technology, which can greatly improve unit performance and save energy.And in the cold external environment, it can also achieve rapid low temperature heating, higher air temperature, while ensuring excellent environmental protection and energy saving effect.At the same time, Hisense Hi-Multi G series frequency conversion central air conditioning also has high energy efficiency and excellent performance of forced heat. Its advanced air supply and enthalpy increase technology can greatly improve winter heating capacity, meet the comfort needs of various Spaces, improve environmental quality, and bring new healthy and comfortable experience to the venue.In addition, hisense 5 g glory home central air conditioning, its carrying hisense grind NB – loT module, with wide coverage, large connection, low power consumption and low cost etc., with 5 g free flow, without having to install broadband, in a remote key purification formaldehyde at the same time, more effective response to microbes, particulate matter, gas pollutants such as health threats,Bring a healthy and comfortable environment for athletes.As a representative of new national products, Hisense central air conditioning always adheres to the innovative spirit of “green science and technology”, deeply engages in product technology research and development, contributes to green building with high-quality innovative products and services, and strives to create a better living environment for the people.Hisense Central Air conditioning will provide more low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable HVAC solutions for the venues and indoor venues of the Winter Olympics. With excellent originality and perfect service, hisense Central air conditioning will promote the realization of the concept of “zero-carbon Olympic” and “green Olympic” and escort the “green Winter Olympics”.In the future, Hisense Central Air Conditioning will continue to make breakthroughs and innovations, make continuous efforts to move forward, adhere to the concept of green development, practice social responsibility, and actively contribute to the construction of the motherland!