In the first 15 days of the Spring Festival travel rush, The Railway carried 1.154 million passengers | a year-on-year increase of 904,000, with an average of 77,000 passengers per day

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The reporters learned from China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., LTD that during the first 15 days of The Spring Festival travel rush from January 17 to 31, a total of 1.154 million passengers were transported by Harbin railway, a year-on-year increase of 904,000, and the passenger flow achieved year-on-year growth.The railway authorities have earnestly implemented the decisions and arrangements on epidemic prevention and control, carried out precise epidemic prevention and control work for people returning to cities and hometowns during the Spring Festival travel rush, provided orderly and smooth travel services for passengers, and actively ensured the transportation of energy and holiday supplies.Focusing on medium – and high-risk areas, railway authorities dynamically adjust train operation plans, strengthen dynamic analysis of passenger flow with big data, and accurately implement the “one map per day” plan.In the first 15 days of the festival, Harbin Railway sent 77,000 passengers per day, which met the needs of passengers on the basis of ensuring the basic scale and main directions of bus operation and accessibility of various regions.Strengthen passengers in the earnestly implement temperature monitoring, guide passengers all wear masks, keep the spacing, strictly for station car places ventilation disinfection measures, on the basis of railway departments to increase the number of the station buffet equipment, optimization of self-service equipment layout, guide passengers use self-service, implements the electronic ticket, Internet order, contactless services such as disinfection temperature measuring robot,We strive to create a healthy and safe travel environment for the vast number of passengers, and strive to make passengers walk safely and safely.In addition, railway departments organized the transportation of grain from north to south, proactively guaranteed the transportation of vegetables, fruits, grain and oil and other holiday goods, and strengthened the organization of transportation volume in major coal transportation channels.In the first 15 days of the festival, Harbin railway shipped 4.361 million tons of coal, an increase of 166,000 tons year-on-year. Meanwhile, it ensured that Harbin railway’s 34 direct power supply plants could save coal for more than 15 days to ensure the warm Spring Festival for the people.Source: Harbin news network reporter: Section yongzhi editor: Liu Yixuan