Martyr Jiang Jie sacrifice for the country, the only son now where?Settled in the United States as a tenured professor

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Art comes from life, and the characters in many excellent works have archetypes. For example, the role of Jiang Xueqin in Red Rock is adapted from Jiang Zhuyun.Jiang Zhujun has been carrying out secret work, is an important component of the organization, holding a lot of important underground information.Because the organization appears traitor, lead to Jiang Zhujun identity exposure, was soon arrested by the Kuomintang.But Jiang Zhujun is extremely loyal to the party, her will is also very tenacious, although suffering torture, but never yield, even if it is lost life, she did not disclose the slightest organizational personnel, organizational intelligence.Jiang Zhuyun died most worried about, is probably her young son Peng Yun.Peng yun’s mother Jiang Zhuyun was a martyr, and his father was also killed in the war, so he is a veritable descendant of martyrs.Peng Yun was born in 1946, his parents Jiang Zhujun and Peng Yongwu are having important job, too busy to take into account Peng Yun, entrust this young baby to Tan Zhenglun, namely peng Yongwu’s ex-wife.Tan zhenglun himself also has a child, life was very difficult, but she did not refuse the couple’s request, they two for the revolution, how can be.But no one expected that the couple died one after another.The revolutionary cause and her children were on her deathbed.She left Dr. Tan a letter expressing hope that she would take care of her children and urging her to join the communist cause.Soon, the war of liberation ended, the Communist Party of China achieved a great victory, Peng Yun this martyr descendants, under the careful care of Tan Zhenglun, also tenacious survived.After social stability, Peng Yun also began to go to school, he studies very hard, is also very smart, the results are among the best, plus is the martyr offspring’s sake, Peng Yun is the man of the moment in the school.New China was founded, the country is thriving, who did not forget these martyrs who sacrificed for the country, as well as their descendants.The country and the surrounding people often look at Peng Yun, Peng Yun has also received a lot of attention, but he is very low-key, therefore, very popular with students.Although Peng Yun does not get along with his parents much, even Peng Yun has no memory of his parents, but their deeds have a great impact on Peng Yun, the heroic sacrifice of his parents for the country has been rooted in his heart, he hopes he is like his parents, for the country dedication.So Peng Yun study particularly hard, but also successfully admitted to Harbin Military industry.Peng yun wanted to continue to improve himself, and he was so good that he was sent to the United States to study, where he earned his master’s and doctorate degrees, before returning to China to carry out research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.During this period, Peng Yun with love for a long time of easy small metallurgy married, life is very happy.Later, the content and direction of peng yun’s thesis overlapped with the research direction of an American school, so he was invited to the United States. Peng Yun also wanted to improve himself in a better environment, so he went to the United States.He had planned to return to China when the research was finished, but the complexity and length of the work, the uncertainty of his return date and the fact that Peng’s wife also works in the United States further hampered him.Although Peng Yun has always worked in the United States, his nationality has never changed.He is always mindful of the fact that he is A Chinese and often comes back to worship his parents.Now peng yun’s son has grown up and is working in China.Modern China experienced unimaginable suffering. Without martyrs like Jiang Zhuyun, we would not have the life we have today.More than 70 years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in the earliest years, every aspect of the country was consumed by the war. The Communist Party of China led the industrious Chinese people to build a beautiful and prosperous China. We are worthy of those ancestors who sacrificed themselves for China.