See SAIC Roewe interpretation of innovation philosophy, a high-profile announcement to become a senior partner of women’s football

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Automobile industry agreed that China’s automobile industry ushered in a century of great changes.On the one hand, China is the world’s largest auto market. On the other hand, industry remolding will be the main tone of China’s auto industry in the future. Innovation and high-quality development is the only way for auto enterprises.In the face of unprecedented changes in the era, Roewe brand Marketing Department marketing and public relations director Zhao Mengjie said in an interview with the media: “Change is normal, the only constant is change”, this is also roewe innovation philosophy.On February 15, SAIC Roewe and the Chinese Women’s National Football Team jointly announced that they will become senior partners, which is undoubtedly a major innovation of SAIC Roewe.There is no doubt that the cooperation between SAIC Roewe and Chinese Women’s football team is not only a cross-border cooperation between automobile and sports, but also a perfect presentation of the brand driven by the national spirit.The head coach of China Women’s National Football Team, Shui Qingxia, said, “The reason why the women’s national football team keeps fighting is because they have a firm belief in their hearts. They raise the national flag and play the national anthem in the international arena.”Such a simple sentence reflects the Chinese women’s football team’s firm pace, calm forward, not afraid of the future of the spirit, let the world see their strong strength and indomitable character.Looking back on the past 2021, SAIC Roewe also let us see its perseverance and efforts.On November 19, 2021, this year’s automobile circle concludes the grand show 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show officially opened, SAIC Roewe with the new RX5 MAX, iMAX8 brand new National tide team cool debut, a total of five series, more than 10 products, with a sense of science and technology and a strong sense of space and time booth design,To show the outside world roewe brand new product lineup and brand new image, can be said to be amazing.One of the most eye-catching is the new Roewe RX5 MAX. The marketing related to it is in line with the national trend everywhere. Inspired by The Book of Mountains and Seas, Chinese elements can be seen everywhere from the site layout to the event invitation letter, which makes people excited.Zhao Mengjie believes that “do something, fearless” six words is the best interpretation of the tide.Roewe brand from product technology research and development to channel marketing innovation and then to the dealer team, are to meet the needs of the direction of continuous efforts to bring more ideal travel experience for the majority of consumers.In a word, SAIC Roewe has forged ahead in the past 16 years, walked out of a glorious history of perseverance and progress of Chinese automobile brands, and written a dazzling legend of increasing strength of Chinese manufacturing.We believe that SAIC Roewe will help The Chinese women’s football team to provide more exciting matches for the fans, let’s wait and see!