The network exhibition and broadcasting of provincial excellent stage plays was launched

2022-06-12 0 By

In order to better enrich the people’s spiritual and cultural life, create an atmosphere of joy and peace, and build a mighty force that drives all-round high-quality development,Under the guidance of the Publicity Department of The CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee and sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Shanxi Province, the network exhibition and broadcast of the 2022 “Fu Hu Welcome Spring Charm Sanjin” shanxi excellent stage plays will be held from January 30 to March 3 on the “Learning Power” Shanxi learning platform and Shanxi Cloud media.This activity will focus on displaying and broadcasting 16 excellent stage art works newly created in our province in recent years.Among them, both in the central propaganda department organization “to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China excellent stage art show” dancing poetic drama “unity”, modern drama “youyu”, ballet “liu hulan”, as well as the selected text brigade headquarters “to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China stage art creation engineering” Peking Opera “the queen mother of civilization”;There are also dance epic Yellow River which promotes the Yellow River culture, Pu opera which promotes guan Gong’s loyalty culture, Jin opera Yu Chenglong which promotes the culture of government officials and clean government, Drama Lacquer Art Life which promotes the honesty culture of Jin merchants, drama Taihang and Jin opera Yellow Flowers in battlefield which promote the red culture.There are also shangdang Wooden Clappers shenjilan, North Road Wooden Clappers Lotus and Duanjiawan, Jin Opera Young People in Our Village and national opera Three Locks, which reflect the fight against poverty.This activity will promote to meet the cultural needs of the people and enhance the unity of the people’s spiritual strength, encourage the people to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization of shanxi chapter and strive to meet the 20th victory of the Party with excellent results.Source: Shanxi Daily