Wage income is divided into “6 classes”, 87% of our workers are in the low general salary, which level are you

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China has a large population, although the phenomenon of aging population is very obvious, but at the same time, there are also a large number of social labor force, due to the employment pressure is very big in recent years, so the employment of these people has become a difficult problem for development.The state is also trying to solve the problem of employment for some enterprises and some people who have difficulty finding jobs.Compared with many developed countries, although there is a large gap between China and these countries, but the gap is constantly narrowing, although China has not yet been able to rank among the ranks of developed countries, in the ranks of developing countries, China’s achievements are also very good, and even compared with many developed countries.With the continuous development of the country, the income level of the common people has also been greatly improved, but this also presents a larger gap between the rich and the poor, so some people will be people’s salary is divided into six levels, 87% of our country’s workers are in the low general salary, which layer are you?In order to guarantee people’s basic livelihood, each region has a minimum wage, and with the continuous increase of the price level, the minimum wage in many regions is rising.According to relevant data, in China’s 31 provinces and cities, there are nearly one-fifth of the provinces and cities minimum wage more than 2,000 yuan, the higher the degree of economic development of the region, the minimum wage level is also very high.Of course, a lot of people are also very curious about the division of wage income in China and want to see which class they belong to.According to the relevant division, from high to low, it can be divided into the rich class, super high salary class, high salary class, middle class, general new class and low salary class, and the dividing line between the low salary class and the general salary class is 2995 yuan.If people don’t earn that much, they are considered low wage earners.Now many of those in this bracket are students or supermarket clerks or retired office workers.With the rising prices, the pressure of life in many third – and fourth-tier cities has been very big, let alone in the first – and second-tier cities, to live on a salary of more than 2000 yuan, unless you have a house and a car, you do not have too much capital expenditure.More than 2000 yuan can barely survive in the third and fourth tier cities. If people suddenly need a lot of money, it will be very difficult.So it’s easy to imagine how difficult it is for a low-wage person to live in an economically developed area.In the society, the proportion of the low-wage group is very large, about 48%, nearly half of the total population.And for the general salary group, the salary is much better than the low salary group, this part of the population is also a relatively large proportion, under normal circumstances, their salary level is between 2,995 yuan to 7,345 yuan, accounting for about 39% of the total population.In terms of low wage earners and ordinary wage earners, both of them account for about 87 percent of our population. Therefore, if you are in the middle of these two classes, there is no need to worry too much. There are hundreds of millions of people in this situation.Those with a monthly income of 7,345 yuan and less than 20,600 yuan are classified as middle class families.Compared with these two groups, they are more risk resistant and may have extra money to save while still meeting their daily needs.But in this part of the population’s life pressure is still relatively large, because “not high, low”, and want to squeeze up a step, and do not want to reduce the standard of living.Generally, the monthly income of the high-income class ranges from 20,600 yuan to 36,000 yuan, which accounts for about 2% of China’s total population, accounting for a very small proportion. When it comes to the super-high-income class, the number is even smaller, not to mention the rich class.In general, the super-rich and super-rich make up just 1% of the population, which is what you’d expect in a very good economic year, most of the time less than 1%.Generally speaking, there is a very high proportion of low wage earners and ordinary wage earners in the society, and these people also come from different industries, so which class are you in?Even if the class is not high enough, but do not be discouraged, there are many and their own is a class, as long as they work hard, there is an aspirant heart, BELIEVE that they are able to exceed the vast majority of people.