Area “two adjacent” : neighborhood watch to the fire of “voluntary” warm heart | stuck with their neighbourhood With the neighboring

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Sujiatun District began to carry out extended nucleic acid testing on The 12th, and issued a call to “protect yourself and protect the city”. The residents went out of their homes and lined up at nucleic acid testing sites according to community arrangements.More than 100 nucleic acid testing sites in 12 districts were put on duty within an hour, and the testing sites were brightly lit under the darkness.”Do you need more volunteers?””I am young and gay, and I can work night shifts.” “My mobile phone can be used to scan codes.” When the residents of the community saw the tired figures of medical workers, community workers and sinking Party cadres fighting continuously, they all took the initiative to find community workers, asking them to become volunteers.”The volunteers who maintain order at the nucleic acid testing site are my neighborhood kids. They are orderly and efficient. Thumbs up to the young man!”Fifty-four residents of riverside Community of Minmin Street signed up to participate in nucleic acid testing volunteer service at the first time, including college students, enterprise employees, retired party members and other people of all ages. Many residents saw familiar faces wearing volunteer red vests standing at each testing point when taking nucleic acid test.Community volunteers to age, smartphones, and so on and so forth on the volunteer’s responsibility division of labor, older residents in charge of publicity in the zone of the latest epidemic information, organize the nucleic acid detection for residents in residential buildings, young people some responsible for nucleic acid detection information entry, some difficulty to drive travel group, responsible for on-site emergency.Wearing red vests, residents and volunteers are doing their duty to ensure fast and safe nucleic acid testing.Riverside community is just a snapshot of many nucleic acid testing sites in Sujiatun District. According to incomplete statistics, more than 500 residents in the district have volunteered to serve as nucleic acid testing services in the community.Volunteer teams have played an important role at critical moments time and again.Voluntary service has become a common form for people to actively participate in social activities, reflecting the civilization level of the whole society.Their “volunteer fire” full of dedication and enthusiasm, dedication and responsibility has warmed you and me, warmed the neighborhood and warmed the society. I believe it will burn forever.Article source: District “Lianglin” do contribution: Liu Yi review: Zhang Xinying